Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flashman07, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. I wanted to start this thread as a bit of fun to see what peoples idea of an ultimate fight would be.

    It can be between anyone; fictional or real, dead or alive. It can be a one-on-one fight or a battle of epic proportions. The more bizarre the better!

    To get the ball rolling I think that Jacky Chan weilding a hard back copy of 'Strike Back' vs. Mussolini riding a T-Rex would be a showdown to rock the very core of the earth.
  2. John McLane Vs Jack Bauer

    Mclane is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, but can fight barefoot on broken glass

    Bauer was kidnapped for a year without cracking.

    Who would come out best.
  3. Ultimate Surrender takes some beating...
  4. http://www.googlefight.net/?kw1=john%20mclane&kw2=jack%20bauer

    Bauer wins by a knockout!
  5. Chuck Norris vs Jackie Chan vs Bruce Lee

    or simply

    Chuck Norris vs The Rest of Humanity
  6. Sharpe vs a dude with a rocket launcher that fires chainsaw-wielding midgets for a head, hammers for feet , and farts napalm whos mates with a hundred meter tall robot pirate that rides a stegosaurus armed with nunchuks.

    Sharpe wins!

    This thread is making me so excited I just punched my boss!
  7. Oh my fcuking god, what about like a bear, that can fly, that rides an 8-wheeled motorcycle, with giant steel crab claws vs Vin Diesel in pitch black but with lasers for teeth and punches babies?
  8. Gordon "one eye" Brown with a broken bottle of buckfast Vs Frank "Shameless" Gallagher with a half full whiskey bottle and bag of Es.

    Political debate on broken Britain.

    I believe Frank would win before passing out in a pool of vomit and urine.

    Frank Gallagher for Prime Minister - we couldnt do any worse
  9. A baby Vs the RAF

    My money personally is a first round knockout for the baby
  10. Mike Golden and Sandy :)

  11. That would be the best thing ever, FCUKING EVER!
  12. You know Sharpe would win, even without Sgt Harper backing him up!
  13. Golden v Shorrt?
  14. And some fcuking 12 foot Ninjas who are always on fire and shoot acid out of their eyes and have extending arms with swords for hands that spin at 12000 rpm who are dropped into the field of battle by fcuking dragons with minigun c0cks.

  15. Thats so fcuking cool! And then then the ninjas could fight sharks with frikkin lasers on their heads ridden by a billion clones of Megan Fox in a WWF steel cage deathmatch except the cage is made of Semtex and its on a timer and if one side doesn't wipe out the other side within the time limit then the cage is detonated but the Ninjas are too hard so they release Mecha-Barbara Streisand to fight them!