Ultimate Royal Signals Soldier

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. It occurred to me today that if a Telemech could work a computer you could do away with just about everyone else in the Corps. No chance of that ever happening though.
  2. What planet are you on?

    Munch Me
  3. Or, how long have you been in the Mess drinking??
  4. Too ******* long :-0

    Munch Me
  5. More importantly, what have you been drinking in the Mess? Absinthe?
  6. ******* poppers by the sound of it!

    Munch Me
  7. And if an Infantryman could sh1t ammo he would be the ultimate fighting machine... probably a more likely scenario than a TeleMech or Inst Tech working a computer.
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  8. Operators aren't operating, techs aren't teching Gene's are hired in, network stuff is contracted out and there isn't really any kit to manage any more. And behind the scenes, glueing it all together in their own unintelligible way are the mechs. They even have a God Mech, who's a Liney. If they could do VP too we'd all be on tranche 3.
  9. The clock is ticking on the Inst Techs, They have no real role past 2015.
  10. Ultimate Royal Signals Soldier

    For me, it was my dad.
    22 Yrs SpecOp (finished as Sgt)

    Sadly us kids couldn´t live up to the standards he set us.
    Elder sister married a RAF guy
    I joined REME and left after 22 yrs as a Staffy. (fixed things)
    My younger brother did 22 yrs in !7th/21st/QRL (broke things) and finished as a Sgt.
    Younger sister got to WO1 but in RMP.

    Okay, we didn´t get to HIS stage in HIS Corp but I know he is mighty proud of us as we are of him.

    Thanks, Dad !!!!!
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  11. Give me a pint of what your drinking!

    Munch Me
  12. Not really, deployed requirement will reduce that's all.
  13. Hence reduced role... No OSP to deal with the rest can be done by others.
  14. Naivety...OSP?
  15. Funniest thread ever :)
    Tele Mechs. Just lineys than can breathe and walk at the same time.
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