Ultimate rock anthems from the 7/80s

I have no idea if The Oriental Nightfish by Wings was ever an anthem over here but I got a Rupert The Bear / Frog Song video in the post for xmas or something when I small boy. This appeared right at the end just when you thought it had all over and it used to really give me the willies. They must have known what they were doing, sneaking it in at the end like that "this'll freak the little fcukers out..."

It might have also been what gave me my first boner too.
"Bat out of Hell", always reminds me of returning back to Hohne in the early hours in a mini bus hired for the regular trip down to Hamburg with a few mates.

Obviously we were there for the culture and fish market.. :)
Welcome to the Jungle: for delivering us from "hair" bands.


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crabtastic said:
Welcome to the Jungle: for delivering us from "hair" bands.
Guns were a fair bit of a hair band imagewise themselves...however, they did have storming tunes and a lot of talent going for them... something which the other offenders of the scene didnt posess to the same degree shall we say. Nirvana **really** drove the stake through the heart of hair metal.
thought everyone that lived in in the 70s got issued with Bat out of Hell.................always on full pelt when the bar closed Friday, so much so that I fecking hate Meatloaf now
It makes me sick how so many people my age are oblivious to anything that came out before 1990...if you love the rock music, you have to acknowledge theres good stuff in all eras-gotta love the 70s classics-re the 80s hair metal mentioned above, sure bands like Warrant and Winger sucked d*ck, but there were good ones like Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot...

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