Ultimate Racing Spoon

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by blind_monkey, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Piffle!!!

    A sharpened "speed spoon/racing spoon"?? And if ye have drilled a hole in it to tie to the button hole of a top pocket (ignoring the hygene no nos...) won't it cut your throat if bumped??

    No one had "heard" of racing spoons till the early 80's anyway, ye still need a KFS, although I did sharpen the edge of my spoon that faced away from my lips....
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I have a Snow peak titanium spork which has travelled the world with me - unbeatable.....
  3. I still have my "now debuked" St. Christopher medal.

    I keep it in my "baccy tin/survival tin" as it makes a good fishing spinner/lure.
  4. Whaaaaaaattttt? Carefull there young Sparky. I came across my first 'racing spoon' in the sacred hands of 'Wally The Spoon' in 1972. I hope Gungythree spots this thread. He could not only use one but would be seen making a WDI with his spare hand :lol:
  5. You should read your Bible, Sir!
  6. Bah,you young pups know nothing,the proper racing spoons were used in Borneo,for a packet of hard tack you could get an Iban to carve one,always get one bigger than yer mate though :D
  7. Firstly, many thanks for the "young" reference.

    Secondly, the only racing spoon I used in basic was the one used to scrape "Mansion" floor polish from corridors after show parade.

    Thirdly, what need had I of "speed spoons" when I had Eddie McGee's survival handbook?

    Fo.., (whatever comes after three) is Wally still carving them from Yew?? What a constitution...

  8. long handled spoon?

    Why not open the Boil-n-the-bag along its length meaning a normal sized spoon can get into the bottom without it going all over your fingers.
  9. Oh, errrm, .... eh, me, me, me, me!!!!!

    Sir!!!, Sir!!, I thought of that first Sir.

    It was only because of folk talking about racing spoons in the 80's that it slipped my mind.... till now...

    Good idea but most folk would spill it, hence the top tear point.
  10. 'Cause the tear-off cuts are in the short end, Ministry of Crap Design strikes again, and we're not allowed sharp objects anymore because "it's 'elf'n'safety, i'nnit" and / or "we've run out of money for knives / bayonets / scissors".
  11. Luckily when I was in, we could almost think for ourselves.

    I even had a Stanley knife on my flick :)

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  13. Sorry.....misread on my part