Ultimate "Iron Man" Competition

Not safe for Work Environment,
Where Minors May Be Present,
or where anyone sober may be found..

Check your gag reflex before entering

For anyone wishing to join Special Forces of any kind this should be part of the testing/ flushing out procedure.. If they can get one up for God King and Country, thinking about this - they're okay..

Al Queada/Taliban.. this could be one of the virgins you were promised.. you may wish to revise your thinking on suicide bombing.

Finally, don't blame me.. this was ' found ' by Coachman as part of a gross out competition.. He won..


I'm going to go into a closet and whimper before the flashbacks hit again..
Oh sweet mother of god
Just when i thought i had buried my past, it comes back to haunt me!
I am surprised it opened on my work puter, I know all women need lovin' but that is ridicul............... OK I would, I would be slighty confused as to wither my c0ck was in her or just caught in a flap of skin, she probably gives good head, hey don't knock it till you try it :wink:
i have just vomited
She'll be dead soon. But unfortunately I fear that, much like jihadis, ten more are waiting to take her place. Better the blubber you know...
8O Fcuk me! And I thought Betsy was bad from one of my recent postings 8O

That bird in the photo looks like she was sitting on the face of a suicide bomber as he has set the bomb off. Looks like a melted Lion Bar!!!!!
You saw the shot of her ' on top ' with her boyfriend then, Trooper?

I'm kind of partial to the ' retro ' black and white artsy rear view shot, myself...

I think if that was posted at the door to school cafeterias, there would be a collapse of the burger and fries market and a huge demand for salads [ buy stock in lettuce farms, fast ]
flicking through, found some of the girl on girl, nearly took a peeler to my eyes, couldnt believe that that was possible!!

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