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I don't no what all the fuss is about. Stupid people use voice mail. They don't change the cell phone default PIN. They turn their phone off, some one calls them, then enters a number, plus the default PIN for their phone. Left messages are heard. That is not hacking.
err yes it is you thick cunt. I hope you are confined to the sigs
Yes because the first thing on the mind of a bereaved relative is to change his/her pin number - fucking Army Dreamer
Hmmm, you know what, I was sort of thinking that perhaps they would have done it when they first got the phone, you know a bit like you are advised to in all the literature, but perhaps they were all as dull as you appear to be. I would love to cross intellectual swords with you further, unfortunately you appear to be unarmed.
Well I'm thinking about a face to face discussion ? And I am dim..I'm stupid....when do we get paid this month / Man up old kiddy
Sorry I apologise, I promise never to say anything to you again, you are obviously a very hard man.

In fact you are so dense you must be as hard as titanium.

Grow up.
Some stackeresque levels of thread derailment going on here. Can we concentrate on the NOTW shutting up shop situation rather than apportioning blame to the victims for the actions of those in the wrong?

Balls - I told the thread the NoTW was finished this AM - I own a media co now so perhaps pm me if you want to see major ad brands on arrse
Still waiting to stand to with you - you fucking prick - give me day and time and i will be there. If you are an old or stupid fuck that has got out of his depth then say so - otherwise man up you prick - this will not rest.
Go on. Send him a threatening PM.
Nobody, repeat nobody, gave a flying fvck about this whole issue until an emotive angle was found and exploited. When it was all zlist slebs, people including no doubt some who have posted on here would happily trot down the newsagents and buy the screws.

Suddenly everybody is aghast that such evil things can be done.

Is it different to listen to a z lister? If so why? The amount of faux outrage is something to behold.

Did you ever buy the screws or in fact virtually any other newspaper? They all did it and probably still do.

I just can't get overly exited about it. There I've said it I'm a bad man, because I don't really care. And do you know what, the vast majority of people who are wailing and gnashing their teeth about this if they were honest with themselves couldn't give a toss either, as long as the slebs keep getting exposed in the red tops.
You are a homosexual - youre daddy paid you too much attention didnt he --dirty little fag !!!!
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