Ultimate Hangover

Was doing some research on events in the mid 1990's and came across this 1994 report out of Poland...

Krzysztof Azninski, 30, had been drinking all day in his garden in Poland with three friends. The four men put on traditional ' toughness bonnets' and played macho games.{??}..

Franciszek Zyzcoszusko, 41, put his hand on a chopping block and dared Azninski to cut it off. Az, the lad, hacked at it with a knife, partially severing the wrist.. Then, not to be outdone in the game of 'dare' put his head down on the block and dared Zyzcoszusko to chop it off --- which he did with an axe. The revellers then decided things had gone too far, stopped the contest and began singing a folksong called" Roll the Head of the Giant " with such gusto that they alerted the neighbours, who called the cops to have them shut up..

Cops arrested the lot and..dare I say... heads rolled for this...

some people have all the fun..no word on what they were drinking, though
They wore "Traditional Toughness Bonnets"?
I wonder what they look like. Not going to be Easter parade bonnets are they?

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