Ultimate Force or Farce: You decide

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BigJobs, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. The best tv show since nightrider / baywatch

  2. Pretty good, but inaccurate

  3. My nan knows more about the army and 22 than itv

  4. Boobs! Gooduns too!

  1. Seeing as no one else has started this, and it has been half an hour at least, did any one else watch ultimate force?
    Niggling points and utter bollock bashing can commence.....

  2. Vaguely saw the last 10 mins while typing yet another arrse post....

    Dont know whether the programme's accuracy was proved or disproved by the arrival in that err shower scene of the "Home Secretary", accompanied by a guide dog...
  3. DOH!! He wouldnt have seen anything, would he? :lol:

    Being a level headed reasonable bloke, I decided that I should sit on the fence and watch this "program" and make my own judgements.

    I have watched and now judged. Why was this spurious piece of shite ever allowed to get onto the screen.

    I don't know what annoyed me more, the Shite opening as "Red Troop" operating in Tikrit, subtly wrapped in Shemagh but with their western features plain for all to see, or perhaps the E and E exercise whether the DS strutting around in Jeans and Smocks, or perhaps the "Colonel" raging on about how the Para officer was pussy footing around with the female on selection and decided to do the interrogation himself. Quote: "This is what the West Side boys would do to you if that captured you (as he throws a half bucket of water over her)" Terrifying I'm sure and perhaps a little off kilter with what possible could happen to a captured female. 8O

    It could have been the utter shite arrival of "The Reg" in a 4 tonne in front of the airport building. Smooth Subtle and well out the way of media interest.... :lol:

    Same scene, the team is jumping out of the TCV and one hands a LAW to his mukka. CQB stuff that. :lol:

    Unparraleled shite. Poorly researched, poorly portrayed and a very bad representation of anything remotely near the SF that are the envy of the world.

    I am not so naive to believe that there would be loads of information being thrown at the producers and writers, but there is enough history and information out there to create a more plausible series.

    In my view, I always thought Soldier Soldier the early series were pretty good for what they showed. Shame they got rid of it.

    Rant Over
  5. RANTREP, Roger

    I always expected the TV room to be fully occupied when Soldier Soldier was on.

    I liked 'Redcap', too. Am 'mature' enough to remember a much earlier black and white series with the same title and formula, at least our telly was B&W at the time!

    hackle family's viewing enjoyment of numerous other programmes is frequently ruined by my helpfully drawing attention to bone errors.
  6. I'm sure that it was ITV that produced similar program but about the RAF called Strikeforce. That was utterly shite aswell, I think it was just a pilot episode (no pun intended) but was binned there and then. Received Part 1 and 2 of series three soldier soldier from Amazon today. My evenings are set for a couple of weeks...

  7. Total sh1te! Didn't see this forum until after I started one in current affairs, but it was so bad it merrits quite a few forums on its sh1teness!!
  8. I did like the law move, talking about snipers while the general public streams behind. Grant mitchell sticks out like a sore thumb in tikrit! Did like the way, that two separate forums, by separate people at the same time used the same 'farce' wordplay!
    Great minds think a like, but noddy is still cnut with a bell on his hat.
  9. ultimate farce = bollox
    but it had 3 nice pairs of t1ts so this episode was worth the pain of watching just for that. anyone else think they could have picked anyone else but ross kemp. such a sh1t actor in this well...... sh1t actor period.
  10. The tits have the vote I think. Nice to see a show aimed purely at the alpha male. Guns n' tits! Too much nancy talk about dead people and 'feelings' though.
  11. In yesterday's Times, the delightful Libby Purves, columnist and ARRSE afficionado, wrote about the publication Who's Who, and mentions a man who is clearly a watcher of Ultimate Farce

  12. any link, VB?

    I did meet David Hills 'somewhere', nice man, didnt know he had gone on after that to be a lawyer, what is it with these people being soldiers one moment and lawyers the next? Or vice versa

    It'll be doctors next.
  13. Thanks for link, VB. He's done well to make Who's Who in that time. Probably even faster than his fellow barrister, Our Prime Minister.
  14. I remeber reading somewhere about some doris who was going to do the All Arms Commando Course, but she had to recover froma broken foot first 8O yep that'll happen then

    Anyone know if this ever come of anything