Ultimate Force is back!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, May 16, 2008.

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  1. The big man is back Sun 9pm ITV. Fresh from his tour of the 'Stan. Bring it on Columbian drug cartel Taliban rag-head Nazis!
  2. went into a sulk realising could watch it as brats wanting to watch indianna jones but itv.com will save my life :D
    god I need a life :roll:
  3. Awesome, what with that and Gladiators on I might not bother going into work on a Sunday evening.

    It's like the new A team and about as believable as The Bill, but that's entertainment.
  4. Wahey, more magical side-switching tattoo action! That's sunday evenings taken care of then :D
  5. Sorry from the sticks in Gloucestershire here. Are you saying that all the birds in the met arnt ex-modal stunners? SHite :(
  6. I hope the new series is a good as series 1.
  7. It's the second half of the series that got axed a couple of years back so was made back 2006ish I believe. Very cheesy in bits and was obviously made before RK went of to Ganners.
  8. Ah excellent.

    Henno Complete with his new found ability to take cover realisticly should make for even worse watching as he tries to immitate what he has seen on the fields of Stan.

    Hats off to the bloke mind - Top Geezer

    Look forward to him saying "THIS..... Is Helmand Province............ Which is the Frontline.............. in the war with.......... The TALIBAaaaaan"

    Then Hard Targetting and saying things like:

    "Whack a UGL into it Legs"
    "Dinger get the IRT on the blower"
    "BOWMAN is fcuking Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank"
  9. hahahahaha. like it.

    afraid to say that the second part of that series is piss poor. theres a REALLY annoying yank brat in one of em.
  10. Is that bird still in it? - as long as she gets her chebs out again t's worth a watch
  11. These are the episodes from 05-06 that wasnt shown because people complained it was close to subjects currently going on and i THINK if you have series 4 on DVD these 3 episodes that are going to be shown are on that as well, providing these get good ratings a series 5 will be made.
  12. Seconded! :D

    That's my Saturday sorted then; pizza, beer and Ultimate Farce! 8)

    Go on, Henno - introduce him to Mr Browning! :twisted: :threaten:
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Er....It's on Sunday... :roll:
  14. Hey ho, its the weekend :wink:
  15. Some hilarious UF clips on Youtube:


    Henno teaching unarmed combat, check out the knife disarm at 1:50.

    'Smash...hammerfist...sweep...drop arm...punch the throat, killing X-ray...now get this piece of SH*T out of my barracks!!' :p