Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PLANK, Jun 26, 2003.

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  1. Hi
    Last night I saw the prog called Ultimate Force (it should read FARCE).
    Even though they are supposed to be SAS I think, can anybody tell me WHEN SQUADDIES STARTED TO SALUTE WHILST IN CIV,S AND DO THE REAL sas ACTT LIKE SOME OF THE ACTORS DO??? ::) ::)
  2. Nobody salutes without a hate on, and the SAS don't as rule, but will when around the camp. What would never happen is an arrogant officer, who demanded to be saluted, be allowed in the SAS. Arrogance is probably the one no-no, and more officers have failed because of that than anything else.

    Respect is earnt, not a right of rank.
  3. But it is very funny, though.

    Ross Kemp should be lecturing at RADA. :eek:
  4. mkw

    mkw Swinger

    1. Honesty & integrity
    2. self discipline and motivation
    3. Classless not rankless
    4. The unrelenting pursuit of excellence

    did anyone notice any of the above on the FARCE
  5. This is a TV programme we're talking about here lads, right? :)
  6. The programme is shite.

    One point though for the pedants out there, The Blues and Royals or whatever they're called nowadays will salute without head dress. Some Battle Honour or other.

  7. I meant sh1t

  8. :) yes but its funnier than spooks  ;D
           and they got to slot the french
                             supposedly  the lot had some training
    from  ex sas  blokes guess they didnt listen .
        but at least it isnt soldier soldier :)
  9. I think it's a shame. The program could have been so good.  But, as mentioned before, it's turned out to be a load of cack.  Ultimate Force is an embarassment on the armed forces, and a slur on the SAS :mad:
  10. I know it's a TV programme Ma, but there are so many simple things that are wrong, even a bloody cadet would spot it.

    It is a shame that they should churn out this cak just to take advantage of the war to get ratings., and it wouldn't be so bad if it was well made, but it isn't.

    I don't believe they had anybody giving advice from the forces at all.
  11. yer not wrong there  ;D
  12. And the one half decent strumpet got slotted by her own side-not got an American producer has it?
  13. I've been wondering for years what Military advisors actually do on programmes such as these.
    Always getting the badges wrong and calling people thew wrong names- "excuse me Staff Sergeant,-  yes lance corporal" and that kind of thing.
    I haven't even bothered watching this series as the last one got up my nose too much.
  14. When I first left the Army I did a bit of film extra work, and they DO have advisors! But as the director said to a necky ex-squaddie on set (me)..." This is TV not reality tv."
    As long as the writer likes it and the director thinks it will hold the ratings of the couch potato's at home then they could be running around shouting bang with dodgy weapons that dont work prope...... ops that is reality!

    All the advisor does is show the actors how to do a specific task. If the actor is to dumb to get it so what? He still gets his money.

    There should be a series where the army has a greater say, then that would be worth watching!
  15. True Carlos,

    But which advertiser would pay for airtime between part 2 & 3 of a programme about hungover, hacked-off RLC drivers, sweeping the roads in a barracks??

    Then again Big Brother is doing OK.