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I say again - BFG you are a god! 8)
Laurat has PM'd Phill on U-F to ask him to "sort it aaht":

well ive PM'd phill to let him know about it so hopefully it should get sorted out, what a cheek eh?
i knew some of them cheeky buggers that have been banned from this site would retaliate?!
This has made my day!!!!

Oh, points to note if Phill (17) tries to claim copyright, calmly inform him that one of your members works in Intellectual Property, and that in any case parodies are exempt from copyright legislation (see for instance Barry Trotter, Bored of the Rings etc, and many examples of parodying logos "adihash", "got milk?" etc) 8)
Look at his site. See any copyright acknowledgements for all those pics? I suspect Phil may be a little naughty himself. :twisted:
Sorry had to quote this from the "Official UF" site :D

In cadets we get sum soldiers who come and talk to us about what the army is like an places they have bin like boznia and Iraq.

My dad who is a cadet instrcter said that the stuff they say isn't really true cos he didn't do stuff like that when he wos a chef in the army but that they told him lies to get him to join and the furhtest he got was island were he marryd my mum.

Can anyone tell me what it is reelly like cos i want to be a sqaddy when i leeve school.
I think this young man should spend a few more years at school 8O


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I'd like to make it quite clear that the LooLoo on that site is NOT me! I've only just heard about it and have no intention of becoming a member!
Oh and it would have been so much fun, wonder who would do such a thing :twisted:
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