Ultimate farce & being shot in the goolies

Morning Chaps & Chapesses,

I don't know if it's the Mrs Whitehouse in me (that infernal, overzealous, Christian, twit who wrote numerous letters of pomposity to the beeb regarding her enlightened view of correct decorum) but I've been quite offended by the last two episodes of Ultimate Farce.
Last week some chap was holding a few people hostage on a bus & behaving in a way that I usually do most weekends, only to be rewarded in a rather unsporting manner by having his throbber blown off by some tart. 8O
Is this really suitable family viewing? This week some deviant young lady threatens to blow up half of England with a nuke & merely has a pistol waved in her face. :x I find these circumstances a tad unfair & must conclude that Ultimate Farce is written by a group of left-wing, man hating, militant lesbians who were clearly ignored by their fathers.
When’s the last time one heard of a girlie getting her flange blown open? (Except in the more obscure parts of darkest Africa) I've heard such things referred to all too often now in many forms of popular culture & I'm rather worried young ladies may consider this as acceptable behaviour. I understand there's a renaissance for it in Thailand recently & I've personally been threatened by such drastic action 3 or 4 times now by rejected bints. 8O
I don't mean to be pedantic & even still embrace some parts of male chivalry, but if the nouveau suffragettes want progress perhaps it would be acceptable to have us all mutilate each others genitalia equally :?

I have the honour, &tc.

I have similar feelings regarding ultimate force: while I do find it entertaining and have watched everyone I'm pretty certain it is not an accurate portrayal. I tend to watch it saying "as if", "thats not what would happen", "Ross Kemp couldnt do that" and most of all "a woman cant be in the SAS".

Correct me if I'm wrong but women are not allowed in the SAS (before you mention that woman in ww2 she wasn't SAS) or any combat regiment in the British army and those that could possibly be, certainly wouldnt look like "becca" of ultimate force. I suspect she was added late in the line up to boost viewing figures at the expence of realism. :x

regarding last nights episode I suspect they would not have spoken to the bird on the train but instead belted/cattle prodded her and dragged her off by her hair.


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I take issue with your stance on this matter.

Having reviewed the nature of the program, the thespians and the plots, I have come to the conclusion that it's a bunch of old w@nk, and I'd do far better things with my time if I avoided it like the plague.

After watching the very first episode in the last series, I have been succesful in my continued attempts to find better things to do than watch it.

For those of you who find yourself glued to the box, getting angrier than a tasmanian devil on smack - serves you right!
'goolies'?? I've not heard that phrase for ages. Certainly not since primary school.
chilipepper said:
I'd have poked that bird on the train :p
even with that accent and red hair? you are a brave man.
then again she's likely to kill you for giggles/cash...DONT AWNSER HER PHONE CALLS!!!!!!

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