Ultimate Drink and Drive Gate Guardian!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. She wasn't 'very caring and thinking of others' when she drove 4 times over the limit!

    Unfortunately there will always be those who do it, more so at this time of year obviously.
  2. I hope they took her licence off her
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  3. I've got a mate down the arches reckons that'll buff out nicely. Bit of filler, bit of a polish, a dab of tyrewall black, job's a good 'un.
  4. I still think the Aussies have it right when it comes to road safety campaigns.

  5. That grabs you by the eyeballs!

    Assume that was for cinemas?
  6. If our government had the balls to show this advert throughout November and December and halve the number of road deaths....!
  7. Actually, the bloody "shock value" adverts did my head in while I was in Australia.

    All you want to do in the evening is wind down and relax in front of telly and the films are constantly interrupted with shocking scenes that guilt trip you or are just generally depressing.
  8. Bit like the give us only £3 and we'll save the (insert charity cause of your choice) we get here then?
  9. Was she fit?
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  10. Not after the crash!
  11. Usual quality Mail reporting... the vehicle is a Corsa and the start, by the end it's morphed into a Vectra. Do they still have sub-editors, or were they all out campaigning against gay marriages and lady Bishops?
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  12. TBH the online version seems a bit shody of late (office parties?) I read one article the other day which had two identical paragraphs, one after the other.

    A recent antipodean based article had a random, un referenced quote in the middle of an unrelated paragraph.

  13. Really? We wouldn't have known, I mean it's not like you repost 90% of their shitty content here is it?

    You boring cock.
  14. You can get shock value ads in the UK too, just not on the mainland.

    Evening TV in NI is like the director's cut of that Army Medicine in Vietnam video with some of the road safety adverts they have over here