Ultimate Challenge or Death Wish? - course hes French.

Guy labelled " Mr. Mach One " intends to skydive from 130,000 feet, break the sound barrier at 115,000 feet, reach a speed of 1500 km/h at 80,000 feet and, if his suit doesn't fail and his blood boil or his face get blown clean off, he'll land 7 and 1/2 minutes later in some farmer's field, just for the glory of it and , maybe some cahs from ' motivational speaking engagements ' later.

Think I'll sit this one out, thanks... CNN will probably have film of the wetspot and crater where he hit on the 11o'clock report..

read all about the guy at:


He sold everything he had to pay for this jump, he's 64 years old and should know better.
Had just finished re-reading the book "Freefall" by Tom Read, sounds similiar to what he had been planning to do. Interesting read, especially the bits about Joe Kittinger Jnr.

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