Ultimate anti theft device for your car

I've never been to Sth Africa, but the car-theft/hijacking problem is so bad over there that this lengths are required (according to my Sth African mate)

Good on them!


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I remember this device being on an advertising video in the post offices - even after the second elections. It started as CS sprays but that didn't stop the buggers ! Wish I'd got a copy of the video. Thanks for the thread, I'll see if there's an address so I can get one.

Still, a handy 1911A1 works pretty good too...
Fantastic idea, think it could be useful in Glasgow too :twisted:

My aunt who lives in SA confirms that the carjacking problem has got to the extent that many people will not stop at traffic lights during the hours of darkness, prefering to risk an accident over being hijacked. Apparently the police understand this and often turn a blind eye, especially if the driver is a lone female.

Also remember her telling me about a device that was on the market over there for a while but was banned. It was essentially a small fire extinguisher with a pistol grip but contained a CS/Pepper spray derivitive. Also thrown in for good measure was some really nasty red dye that took ages to come off the skin. Idea was that it would make it easier for the police to catch the perpertrator.

Story goes that some woman woke up in the middle of the night to find some ethnic chappie in her bedroom looking for the family silver. She whips the CS thingy out from under the bed and lets this boy have a good blast in the face causing him to leg it. The police found him 3 days later face down in a ditch and extremely dead. Apparently the stuff had caused his face to swell up so much he'd suffocated. Cue uproar from the usual suspects and the stuff gets banned.
I'm all for the right to defend your own property. Flame throwers, electricity, nasty spikey things are all cool. The lefty pinko bleeding heart liberal to**ers can go and fcuk themselves. No-one forces these criminal scumbags to try and rob your car or belongings, they do it of their own free will. They should therefore be willing to take the consequences. No-one should feel sorry for them if they get horribly injured when trying to rob some poor git....unlike our great nation where the victim has to pay the burgler compensation if he breaks a finger nail whilst nicking all your stuff!!!
I agree, but either a claymore (if you don't mind trashing you car for the sake of knowing you got one up on the bast*rds) or having a minging car that no one wants to go near let alone steal, all offer good solutions.

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