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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by spike7451, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Tonight @ 2235hrs on BBC1 Northern Ireland (NEW SERIES)Sky 101

    "Triumph & Disaster";In 1941,the Middle East was Britains front line.Col Tim Collins analyses Op Crusader & how Gen Auchinleck became the first General to defeat a German Army.

    Should be good. Just thought you'd like to know,
  2. The Auk, won a battle but not the campain.
    Decent General went on to India.
  3. I did a project on him when I was at school and interviewed his sister who lived locally.

    He seems to have been a very poor judge of subordinates - a bad thing in a C-in-C.

    He used to live with his sister until he left to live with his house boy in Morocco. He was probably gay - in the desert he used to go to sleep holding hands with Eric Dorman-Smith.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I didnt think you could say that about people dead or not!
  5. Actually, as libel laws go it's probably the best time to say things like that about people!! Common decency not withstanding...
  6. There is a hell of a lot on Google about Auk and his alleged hand-holding friend. Running through it is a smattering of alleged gayness but nothing conclusive. Seems though that no one took action to refute any of this at the time.
    Anyway - gay or straight. So what. lots of famous people were crammed in the cupboard. Lord Kitchener for example..........
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It was the common decency thing I was on about, I dont care for the so called privacy of attention seeker scum that populate my goggle box pumping out more baby food for the intellect (Cheers Babykiller!) the worst thing is that they even think they are important. I have time and respect for those that chose to serve in any godforsaken hole that the CIGS was forced to send them when the political scum failed!

    Make your MP work for a living, dont re elect them!
  8. What?

    that he was

    1) probably gay


    2) A poor judge of people and selected ineffective people as his key subordinates?
  9. Petranadon
    I am of an age where I couldn't give a ^^^^ what people do in their Private time, don't aprove, just not my business.
    However as you suggest for a Comander of Armies to choose Key subordinates based on their sexual habits is NOT ON.
    I had never heard anything along these lines before and it's a positive move you have made by making all aware.
    First Calvert, Now the Auk, Kitchener, Lawrence has always been suspect and Wingate was most strange to say the least.
  10. Part 2 in about 10 minutes on BBC1.
  11. I don't think he selected his subordinates for their sexual preference. My comments on his lilkely sexual orientation is pure gossip. There is no suggestion that he did anything improper by current or past standards -even if going to sleep holding hands wioth your staff officers shows a little more need for emotional support than might be expected of the CinC Middle East

    My criticism is that he made some very poor choices in his subordinates - Cunningham & Ritchie. There was also an atmosphere in 1942 when none of the Corps commanders respected their Army Commander. He was the man at the top and didn;t back his men adequately.

    At the time there was a serious distrust of his relationship with Eric Dorman-Smith who was though to have un due influence and encouraged him to carry out unsound ideas like...
    - All arms Battlegroups (hmm maybe not a bad idea)
    - Decentralised artillery (Maybe a bad ideain 1942)
  12. As for the two programmes, they weren't worth watching. So much misinformation, so much myth and what was that accent all about?
  13. Green_Peeler,

    I haven't seen the programmes, so I'm in the dark as to the accent you refer to - do you mean Col. Collins's?
  14. Yup, sort of East Belfast meets Sandhurst. Kept talking about Eighth Ormy and the British Ormy and that sort of thing. Quite grating after a while.
  15. I would agree with your description of Col. Collins's accent (I've experienced it at close quarters, having listened to him address the Phil in Trinity College, Dublin, and subsequently gone on something of a pub crawl in his company), but I don't feel that it's 'put on' - certainly not as put on as some of the accents I've encountered. At least he didn't feel the need to jettison his [accent] and acquire another...