Ulster troubles video

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Just ignore the propaganda, its a good bit of footage. Lets try and not let this slide in to a bun fight.

  2. Memories are made of this. :)
  3. Ah! you cant beat the smell of petrol mixied with some scrots claret on your fists on a calm and misty July sunrise. Oh how we laughed!!!!
  4. My hats off to you Brits who had to go through that bullshit. As an American, you have my sympthy. I only wish an end could be found...
  5. Phil - Didn't you hear - Uncle Gerry is smoking a peace pipe nowadays. Mind you he has more kit hidden away than you lot found in Saddam's back yard! 8)

    I like the music that accompanies the vid - anyone have an idea where it's from?
  6. The real shame is not that IRA / PIRA / INLA / CIRA / RIRA etc were doing this, but that UVF / UDA etc were too.

    Respect to guys that weren't part of a 2minute video, but went through it for months. Again & again.
  7. Yeah, I know the IRA, et al have MASSIVE amounts of arms hidden in the Republic. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them...In fact, I have a sinking feeling this whole issue is going to blow up again.
  8. What do you mean by a shame - are you taking sides? Pro Unionist or pro pimping, pro drug dealing, pro protection rackets, pro intimidation, and still claiming to be honourable decent Brits?
  9. Well, I for one just have nasty memories of my time there! No fun being at the (wrong) end of a brick.
  10. They are all murdering scum.
  11. Very much not taking sides, I'll wager that there is similar film out there from a 'loyalist' view. I draw no distinction between the activities of these murdering pimping scum etc - a plague on both their houses.

    The underlying point is that one lot (community/political view) want to leave UK, the others want to stay. The former will agitate and worse, but for the latter to get involved in groups such as UVF (the disgusting modern-days version that is) who target UK forces is a shame/bizarre/disgusting.
  12. I've got a disturbing feeling that this summer may see a few encores.
  13. am i the only one that got an erection watching that video
  14. You have me on camera 8O

    If any one selling that on e bay i want a percentage!!