Ulster Scots taking us for wee dafties

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BONNACON, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Ulster Scots cost the tax payer £500,000 in the last four years. A telephone message system at Stormont has had 43 calls in Gaelic and none in Ulster Scots in the last eight years.
    At best Ulster scots can be described as a dialect not in a million years is it a language. Isn't it time we stopped this "PISCH" taking?

    Language funding lost in translation - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  2. Yeh but that's only £342.47 per day, and it's not as if our troops are short of kit, or that the money could be spent better elsewhere?
  3. Bogtrotters...one and all! I wish that they'd all just fuck off and take their 'parades' with them. The 'They stole aaarrrrr fllleeeeeggg cunts' that they are. Their accent makes me cringe. Especially those "Ballymen-hey" fuckwits.
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  4. Module Three of your Racial Diversity Training package has been dispatched today.
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  5. Feckwits surely?
  6. And Welsh, whilst we're at it.
  7. Ulster-Scots "language" is a misnomer. It's just the way my mates from Larne/Islandmagee/Raloo/Glenoe speak English. Fair enough, they can be bloody hard to understand on the phone, but it IS actually English.

    My late missus taught Irish (Gaelic) at grammar schools, even she said that was a load of made-up bollocks too. Shed tried teaching me some of it, but it all sounded like "Mahogany Gaspipe Argos Ford Mondeo Station" to me.
  8. I once knew a bint who spoke Gaelic. Frankly she sounded little different with her mouth full or empty, if you catch my drift.
    The dooorty Welsh hoor :)
  9. Agreed and those ballymoney fuckers can do one as well..sor.
  10. I'm banned from CA for referring to the Spanish and Argies as 'spiks'. Should I have referred to them as 'dagoes'? The feedback from Module 2 wasn't clear on this issue.
  11. "Mahogany Gaspipe Argos Ford Mondeo Station" step outside and say that!
  12. "Dons" is acceptable on account of it's a bit posh. Probably. Just remember not to say "Smelly" or "Greasy" before "Dons" though - that's a guaranteed slap on the wrist. Some people are so touchy, don't you find?

    The thing is though, your average spik/dago/don doesn't spika da inglays, so it doesn't really matter what you call the smelly greasy cunts.
  13. You could buy 107 pints in my local for that per day you fly fuck!
  14. Biscuits_AB Hates Everyone!

    Dirty Harry Hates Everyone - YouTube
  15. What?

    It sounds like that whether I'm indoors or outside.