Ulster Rugby will be "a poorer place"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

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  2. Agree - you couldn't make it up. It is a tragedy. Although the circumstances are ripe for ribald comment.

    Wait out for the full report.
  3. Read this early today, a family's worst nightmare. Some great testimonials to all three in that report.
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  4. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It would appear to be more effects of gas rather than actually drowning in slurry, either way, not great for the families.
  5. Bloody awful, and I've learnt more about slurry in the last 12 hours than I ever wanted to know. I understood that you could be asphyxiated and that there was explosive potential but not that in certain conditions you actually get a toxic vapour.

    Bizarrely I think this has hit me harder than some of the losses in my own family, just so untimely.
  6. Not sure what the gas is..... possibly carbon dioxide which is heavier than air.

    If you go in you've only got one breath to get out.

    Very sad.

    It seems to be a fairly common accident among farmers.... surely a safer install, maybe with safety ladders is needed.
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  7. "Safety" and "Farmer" are two words seldom seen in the same sentence. Particularly when safety has a price tag.
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  8. Unfortunately true... farmers are notorius for calling in professional help only after they've tried every other option.

    There must be some sort of minimum safety design standards though, farms are dangerous places.
  9. As someone who grew up on a farm never a truer word,
    Farming like rugby is a tight community and their loss will be keenly felt , it's never the miserable old sods who get it.
  10. You said it. Tragedies like this happen so often in the industry it's ridiculous. As self employed often do corners are cut, equipment serviced on a make do basis and an attitude of muscle'n'brawn will prevail.
    I'm not a h&s nut but farms have to be looked at more seriously, dare I say it grants given for safety equipment. incidentally most farm accidents involve over 50's which is where the chain of events started that led to this tragedy.
    BTW NI lost a well known and talented GAA player last week in an Industrial accident.
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  11. It's very difficult to legislate on farms from a H&S perspective as, often as not, they're also homes and worked only by the residents.

    Edit:- Yes, aware of the Fermanagh lad. Sad also, as is any young man dying.
  12. I would imagine Carbon dioxide is a possibility, also think Hydrogen Sulphide, commonly known as sewer gas would be too.

    I remeber watching a wildlife programme once where it showed a depression in the ground somewhere in Africa. I think there was some sort of volcanic activity going on which produced a layer of CO2 at ground level. The place was full of dead animals, constantly topped up by others attracted to the carrion.
  13. That's right, plus Methane and Oxygen deficiency.

    Standard safe practice, if entry is necessary, would be to test the atmosphere, ventilate, use BA, safety harness and winch, rescue back-up.

    I think there was a double fatality in NI not too long ago, a firefighter rescuing a casualty from a well.