Ulster justice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brewmeister, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Whatever happened to the hand drill? They seemed quite effective!
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  3. Bugger! Haven't any splinter groups got any? Do think a nice stenciled notice with maybe a pretty picture would enhance the look!
  4. Decommissioned?

    They could borrow mine, even charged the battery, bound to be good for at least a six pack?
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yes actually. He was obviously selling drugs for the taxi boys which is why the Wombles did him.

    If we are to achieve peace in the province its all about demarcation. So the soap dodgers do the drugs and the jaffas do the strongarm stuff, right?

    Should have thought of it years ago, we really should.
  6. Two minor niggles I have;

    1. It's no substitute for the police doing their job properly by arresting and locking up scumbags.

    2. Both Orange and Green flavoured paramilitaries don't exactly have a squeaky clean record on drug dealing themselves. In fact in the past this sort of "community justice" has had more to do with eliminating the competition than with anything else.
  7. Maybe they are trying to make the opposition look like chickens
  8. That's a fair point...maybe the police should take up the practice!

  9. Not saying i disagree with you, but when the Police wont or cant do anything due to PC laws etc,it can get a bit destressing watching these little scumbags laugh at you daily.
    Theres not many of them go back to doing what they use to do best, with plastic kneecaps, or fecked up hands. I think this guy got off very lightly. Perhaps they ought to try it in Liverpool, as the Police dont seem to be getting anywere.
  10. This is nothing to do with drug dealing. It is a stamping of authority by probably the "wombles" under a different guise. These people paved the way for governmental appeasement which is one of the reasons behind the gun crime of today.
    I hope GB doesn't capitulate but hasn't cameron done a "U" turn on his hug a hoodie initiative.
  11. One of the Comments posted under that Article sums it up quite nicely..

    Barbaric - Yes. Effective - Maybe. Satisfaction for the law abiding members of society whose lives are blighted by criminals - absolutely. I am sick and tired of the level of criminality affecting those of us who don't feel compelled to rob, steal, assault, vandalise or murder their way through life.
  12. I wonder if he will 'do it' again ?
  13. of course the little scrote will do it again and keep doing it as it will be bringing him more money than the dole he will more than likely be claiming. he also got offside rather quickly as when the psni got there they could find no trace of victim or crime according to website i read this morning.two questions spring to mind

    1 - will he claim compo for any injuries recieved, and
    2 - if he does continue will the decommissioned arms reappear to give him ventilated kneecaps?

    hopefully the second will occur reasonably quickly.
  14. My Bold - Yes he will, its the UK FFS.

    On an environmental note:

    a. Tar - large carbon footprint, messy, unhealthy (loads of organics in there).

    b. Feathers - animal (bird anyway) murder.

    Answer - the Mk 1 Breezeblock gravity fed from the second floor - ah the good old days :twisted: Clean, healthy, recycleable