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Where should we drink post ex?

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  • The Hare & Tortoise

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  • Goose then Rocket

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  • Somewhere else

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  • None of the above keep the unit bar open longer

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There are no mess subs, but i believe the Chocolate Orange wants to make money by having functions... Oh yeah thats a point, supposedly there is some fancy dress do on after va training night, has anyone heard anything about that? And where can you get a pink flamingo?
The party is on tuesday 3rd and the theme is the letter P. The reason the mess is crap is that every year people get less and less social (when I was young). We need to be able to get up to more without having to worry about the Chocolate Orange and his band of merry men.
sounds good. at the last one, supposedly one juo had to get a stepladder out to clean the sick off a wall.... nice! much respect to the vomiter!
Hmm... this might rock the boat a bit, but what about if the CO allowed - stop, breath in - *smoking* in the Officers' Mess. From what limited experience I have of regular unit Officers' Mess, the smoking industry has no fear of going bankrupt until the British Army is Strategic Defence Reviewed out of existence.

Personally, I don't smoke, and I don't particularly like people smoking around me, but for the sake of ensuring a few people at least wait before batting off to Hombres/Locos I can put up with lung cancer and the rest of it.

On another note, where is everyone? No one can have missed a certain platoon in A Coy's sterling turn out last week. Having heard the wise elder's sage stories about what used to happen in the Goose, it's a bit of a let down to see only one or two people at best from each platoon rocking up to any form of informal piss up!
Also, Fauna, there are subs. Remember way back on your very first weekend away, when after you'd sworn to fly out to Afghanistan tomorrow they wheeled you away for the altogether more painful extraction of 1x cheque, £40? Not all of that money went on non-existent Pocket Soldiers' Guide Books and Stable Belts you only get a year later...
In case anybody still laboured under the delusion that ULOTC was not a very large drinking den, read this. And - of course - because the Telegraph said it, it must be true!


PS. And no, that's not an illegal strip of an SA-80, it's, er, a BB gun replica we were given for training. Honest.
I personaly would prefer if smoking wasn't alowed in the mess. sorry guys. Although if there was an overwelming majority I suppose I would put up with it.

Also isn't smoking in MOD builings baned out right?????
as the ceremonial head of the pro-smoking lobby, i feel that maybe i should point out what some people may not be aware of: the fact that some people have found ways to 'smurk' in the building. for those with a knowledge of the quick estimate (he he) you will know there are many ways to skin a roll-up. if someone were hell bent on a sly bine, then they would only have to think outside 'the box' that is our current home. nuff said?

P.s. mr sandytoes doesn't exactly step outside when h wants to suck on a fag does he? (no homosexual reference intended, it just came out your honour)
my social life did , but that was back in the days of the cold war don't you know, when the enemy was at the gate, I loved the smell of napalm in the morning and you could be a rifleman in my beloved corps........

And the ULU bar closed at 2300.

Explains why I only got a desmond really,

He has been asked repeatedly from several different sources, and the chocolate orange has refused to let us smoke in the mess... I believe that he initially asked the JUOs to vote on it, and after they overwhelmingly for it, he decided that as the democratic vote had given an answer that he didnt like, he was going to ignore it....
The Army is not a democracy.

Personally I think smoking should be mandatory in the mess. If anyone objects to smoking cigarettes then they should be given the alternative of smoking leftover biscuits brown.
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