Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Trotsky, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. In a sudden fit of angst over my now fast receeding youth I would like to buy a ULOTC Plaque and/or tie.

    Are such things still for sale at Handelstrasse?

  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Trots -when where you there

    Me 86-90
  3. Sadly yes the OTC tie is available in silk for around £15 and a rather fetching plaque of the unit full colour crest in gold on a navy background is available for around £25.
    Also RA troop t-shirts and polo shirts are up for sale for a 10er each. E-mail the webmaster for RA kit.
  4. Funny that you have some spare... Wonder why?
    I thought the silk ties were around £20, and the polyester was around £8? I think that's what we paid to get one for the Cocktail Party.
  5. Are you sure Trots?
  6. Yeah, although memory suggests the tie was a rather shocking purple colour. It can join my collection of "ties I am entitled to wear". As I work in jeans and never actually wear a tie its a bit of a useless purchase but what the heck.

  7. Or in the days of the ex-RGJ QM who fell foul of the SIB, you just tipped up to his office and blag one for going on a det somewhere (I got both the stripes and the gold on blue). Surely still the same?
  8. The tie is currently Black with a thin UL purple stripe diagonal separated by about 1 1/4 inches, just below the purple stripe with a thin black gap is a slightly thinner UL yellow stripe. I'd photo it but I don't have a camera....
  9. An excellent bloke who used to give me his old civy shirts, if I wanted them or not.

  10. Did you used to go on his "training runs" during the week? To give him his due, if you needed owt and had him on-side you could get pretty much anything buck-shee but it often involved joinnig his running club. Fit as feck he was and a top bloke. He's now a facilities manager for a bank in Docklands.
  11. I was part of the BSM's club. The QM used to come along with us.... maybe after the BSM was posted he made it his own. I sometimes meet people who know him, and I still think he was a good bloke.

  12. Which BSM? We've had so many of late?
  13. The "pornotachio'd" BSM of mid-90's era.
  14. Holy mother of god, I've seen the photos....
  15. Nah, probably his predecessor, around the time of GW1.