ULOTC - Nervous....

Hey there. Basically, I just need to let off some steam! I'm a 22-year-old girl at Roehampton University, and hope to attend the selection weekend on October 12th. Nothing special there...

But... although I could do the fitness requirements in May, since then I've been working a summer job abroad, until basically now. Throughout the time I was unable to exercise as regularly as I used to (it was a bar job with very antisocial hours).

Anyway, I tried the fitness test again today, and had no problem with the 21 press-ups and the 55 sit-ups, but when it came to the run - Oh my God. I was wheezing after a mile!

I'm really worried about the selection coming up, because it'll be my last chance to join the ULOTC (I'm a second year, and you need at least 2 years of study left.) So if I fail.... I don't want to think about it :(

Is 20 or so days enough time to train to get fitter again, do you think? I'm really pushing myself, but does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Thank you :)
My only advice is get out and run miles not just 1.5 but 3-4. You can do it just takes the drive to get out and do it. And try to add 1 min sprint 2 min jog and repeat another one is find a marked out football pitch sprint the length and jog the width and repeat.

But do over do it.
Keep getting out on the runs, and do some core muscle workouts. I was in east midlands otc a couple of years ago and not many people on the selection actually passed the fittness tests. As long as you are seen putting in 100% and you get reasonable results you will be ok. Concentrate on improving in the other areas you will be tested in. If you really impress throughout the selection but your run time isn't great it won't be the end of the world. Don't worry about feeling knackered after a mile either, that happens no matter how fit you are, it just shows effort, its not uncommon for people to be sick after the 1.5mile run.
hi, im in C COY ULOTC, i'll be on this selection weekend, and I will be assessing POCdts. Let me tell you now that as long as you show determination and dont give up at any stage during any part of assessment whether it be physical or mental assessment, you will be looked upon favourabley. From what it sounds you may be awarded an Amber (as opposed to Green or Red) for your fitness, which basically means you didnt quite make all the tests, but you have shown determination and the ethos in order to further improve. This, combined with high scores else where in the assessment, i.e. group disscussion, interview, command task etc. will most probably be cause for you to be selected.

Having said that this year will be the hardest selection yet, as we've recruited a possible record number from the Fresher's Fairs, yet this year we can only take 150 POCdts as opposed to 200 (last year) due to financial restrictions....

Anyway- my advice to you is to do what has been said already- i.e carry on with training. Be confident and you'll be fine once the adreneline kicks in! Just do your best!!!

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