Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Wessex_Man, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Fantastic show - very entertaining.

    "Life On Mars"/ pop song medleys; Spagetti Western theme tunes; "Leaning On A Lamp Post" - as it might be done in Minsk! "Je t'aime"... and much more.

    Lugubrious commentary - funny & very British!

    Amusing, clever, & brilliantly performed - highly recommended.
  2. Agreed.

    I grew up with a Ukele, and a Ukele Banjo in the family.

    I just wish someone in the family knew how to play them and could have taught me.

    They made shoite cheese slicers...
  3. You smell funny.
  4. kin ell people try living in Warrington in the george formby revival years, george formby films showing in all 6 cinemas around town, everyone sneaking their Ukeleles and banjo,s in with them , to join in leanin on a lamppost , nearly as bad as the Tumble Down Dick on a sunday in Farnborough!!
  5. I saw them a few years ago - great musicians and absolutely hilarious act. There's a lot of their stuff on YouTube - don't miss the cover of Wuthering Heights.
  6. Seen them a couple of times at Chatham and Deal, great group and always seem happy to meet people afterwards. One tip, if you're vaguely attractive and female try to get a seat in the front row far left, they tend to get freebies.