UKTV History downsizes Monday 15th Oct

Recently we lost abc-1 (which had the comedy with the gorgeous sister and the sister who wanted to be, and Tim Allen’s Tool Time), and ftn (with the ghost ‘hunting’ screaming div) replaced by Virgin 1.

Now UKTV History (also Freeview oy vay) is cutting transmission times down from tomorrow to between 07:00 and 18:00. I don’t see we lose any content, being another channel who re-runs a 3 – 4 hour block, whatever, several times a day. But, unless you’re around during the day it’s down to recording for the evening.

Can’t work out if they’re ‘moving’? It would seem they are, I think, but they don’t say to where??? UKTV Info Found better info (than from the station itself) on, to do with switching Multiplex???

Maybe not a question of too much tele as too little revenue from advertisers/sponsors. As to paying a broadcaster to show me adverts……….do FO.

Or maybe just watch less cable TV and READ more first hand accounts instead?
The cynics might say its all part of a marketing ploy, whereby you get people hooked on the programmes on FreeView the switch to a pay channel in the hope of taking a percentage of the viewers with you. As I said a cynic might say that.
UK TV History has gone a bit 5hit lately anyway, how many weekends can they re-run the entire series of "The Blue Planet" for anyway, look at today "The Life of Birds" all bloody day followed by Enemy at the Gates which has been on what seems like nearly every evening this year (good film but the book War of the Rats is better) they have shown some much better docs, I.E "The Provos" but they never seem to repeat these. The History channel isnt much better unless you like hitler documentaries, the discovery channels are the best bet, well worth the sky subscription, that and the porn channels.
Ouch Reb, not having a pop at king Oz are you? 8O 8)

BRL, no argument here. I think UKTV lost the plot a while back. There is a wealth of good material produced over the years, have to assume what they show now is what they got cheap. Stretching 'History' to Natural History is taking the mick, no? Bringing in a few weekly films maybe not a bad idea, but again there are very good films of historical interest for various reasons, and, if there's a will to provide entertainment with a little edjukayshon, spend out on the occasional specialist who can provide a few minutes commenting on things to look out for which are well done, accurate or hopelessly wrong?

We've probably never had so much TV or so much 5 bob TV. :(

Mind you, it was always my refuge from crap reality shows and soaps (not to mention interminable reruns of Friends) in the evenings. It will be missed, especially when you see what has replaced it!
See what you this 'Chav' TV?

And, on TV, Mon 15th episode of Commando is listed per the ITV info page for 22:00 - - but, digi programmt listings (some/all?) can show Doc Martin running an hour and a half ergo no Cdo episode? Expect it will be there but unless this is corrected it may have screwed-up any settings for auto recording? Just a thought. :wink:

I Think the history channels have run out of documentries to show. I noticed recently uktv history has had the entire sharpe series on almost constant loop.
I too noticed the deterioration of the channel.

There were some very good programs- yes even the natural history ones, but the 4 hour block was as much a blessing as curse.

Sorry to see it go but I guess it's the money/revenue/sponsorship aspect at fault

Looking to future timings, weekend and evening would be better than daytime, but that's just to suit my lifestyle.
I find it difficult to find something to watch. Following the news at 6 it’s mostly rubbish (or chav tv, I like that can I use it) till 9 and even then not very good. History has gone down hill and now very rarly watch it.

A themed series on films dealing with how the film industry was used by governments to put across a message would be nice. A short 15 min intro about the film and putting it in the history of the time, followed by some of the soviet and nazi films for stirring up the masses. Keeping the chin up films put in context of the time would be very nice.
A sad decline I think, degenerating into a shambolic mess in a bunging attempt to maximise profit – in part for the BBC who, per recent news, are yet again ‘sliming down’ to make the money go further. If anyone is not aware, ’UKTV - Formed in 1997, it is an independent commercial joint venture, between Virgin Media and BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC.’ - About. If any though it was a group of entrepreneurs ‘having a go’ at exploiting a gap opportunity in British TV, there was more to it than that.

The other change has come about in Virgin Media. Part of the Virgin empire with benefits of the Branson touch and approach. Always been a fan of Branson, still am, and an admirer of the level of customer care, attention to detail, quality and price. No doubt folk can quote horror stories but in my (limited) experience I’ve found Branson’s Virgin to do better, usually considerably better, than their competitors. However, Virgin Media changed with the NTL deal. IMHO and again from my (limited) experience, the Branson touch was not preserved, quite the opposite.

I think we should forget about any element of public service, and expect moves by bean-counters mounting fire brigade manoeuvres.


p.s. please feel free to use 'Chav TV' (c), (thanks for asking), but when it becomes an entry in the dictionary please ensure it is correctly credited :wink:

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