Ukso airsofting gone a little to far?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by brighton hippy, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. and just how did you "stumble" across this ? ;-)
  2. Am I not correct in thinking UKSO is a made up term these people are spewing out to beef up their website? considering we have UKSF and all that?
  3. haha!

    UK Threat Level - UKSO1 - DHM 202 (DURHAM)

    Those are star trek gifs. The alerts they use on the ships on the program.

    Anyways, it seems like the ultimate walting tool to me. Not only do you join a shit hot airsoft club and get decked up like a proper hard man, you actually get a load of information about being a spy or a special forces soldier so that if you walk around in public in your airsoft gear claiming to be a Navy SEAL, you have all the info regarding their selection and can just regurgitate it.

    I once went airsofting and it was a rotten experience. Felt like playing soldiers in the school playground but with people you wouldn't want to hang out with.
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  4. Somebody put up a link to an apache gunnery game and this madness came up.
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  5. brief look round their website shows that the whole thing really is bollocks trying make civvis feel special about airsofting. lol even get given ranks.
  6. What you are really getting at is, "What do you all think of my website?". Well, actually it's not too bad. You appear to be really dedicated to your airsoft and I hope you and your chums enjoy it for all it's worth. It's good you you to get outside in the fresh air away from your keyboard and any excuse will do even if some people laugh at the folly of it all. I notice that you use, are they any good? Would you recommend them if, say, a youngster wanted to design a webby for their hobby too?
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  7. Weird. I was having a poke around and now all the pages are 404

    Has it been ARRSEd up?
  8. dunno lol. walts
  9. What the fuck is that, it concerns me there are people with the mental state to create that.
  10. Fuck all wrong with Airsoft - I've got a couple of pistols I use to shoot next doors dogs when they dig under the fence and shit in my garden.

    And I shot a mate in the nuts once to see what would happen
  11. They are ARRSERs, no doubt. We are the best resource for walts. I know because that's how I've been getting by for 3 years now.
  12. No, mate, that's not airsoft. That's just domestic problem solving.

    Airsoft is something different. Airsoft is a bunch of spotty and/or fat young guys getting together wearing a mix of kit - usually some kind of previously unseen special forces camo - that could actually be used in the field. Some of them go as far as to wear rank slides. These guys get out and literally play soldiers. It's not like paintball, where there's a kind of acheivement to be had by winning the game - it is pure pretend from the word go.

    When you're listening to a 21 stone bloke from rutherglen (sporting an authentic looking M4 replica assault rifle with a silencer, grip, laser and big scope on it) shouting "COVERING FIRE! COVERING FIRE!" you know you're in heaven.
  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    All the links posted are coming up invalid??
  14. Ah, you got me there. Once I was wearing my old '91 dessy jacket with 7 Armd patch and rank slide on when I shot the brown and white fucker up the hoop (repeatedly, I didn't realise it was on automatic - honest).

    I also gave the Pug a shoeing with my Bellville 790 dessy wellies on once. That little fucker really flew down the steps - it was about 1 foot off the ground before it passed the top step. Ugly little cunt hasn't invited itself back into my house again though

    And I'm a fat bloke. Seems I'm an airsofter
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