UKSF training staff to face CM over SAS(R) deaths

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alfred_the_great, Nov 2, 2017.

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  1. The crux of the matter seems to be a total lack of up to date planning for the selection course, using past information as to how courses had been conducted is fine, but that should not then allow DS to sit on their arses or laurels, take your pick and not get themselves out onto the route and pre plan or re plan the whole thing, water, checkpoint locations, comm's medical etc. To have the wrong information as to the location of the nearest hospital beggars belief.

    Some comments have been made on here as to the fitness or suitability of candidates, the object of selection is of course to determine exactly that, not everyone will have had the opportunity to get on the hills and get into the mind set needed to pass. Many years ago, 1969 there was a system of pre-selection in place in Malaya, designed to avoid the expense of flying candidates back to the UK who were not suitable for SF selection.

    The one that I attended consisted of 7 days in the jungle, on arrival in Grik the contingent of hopefuls were instructed to run around a landing strip come sports pitch,which was very wet and muddy from the monsoon, watched intently by a few dozen local kids who found it highly amusing that these nutters were running in 90% humidity with the temp' touching 80.
    The only instructions given by the DS were to run the circuit until told to stop! The two DS then drove off back up the hill. After about 20 minutes half a dozen had "jacked", I had kept to a leisurely pace as no one had set any timings etc after 20 odd laps the DS returned along with a 4 tonner for the "*******" the rest of us were directed up the hill to the camp.

    The following six days mainly consisted of a series of sickeners both in the jungle and on the near by cliffs, as well as a series of weapon handling tests, navigation skills and section type drills for ambush etc. Luckily I had spent the previous 6 months as perm' staff at jungle warfare school as a tracker dog handler with 5 ghurka's training company, so I was fit and used to the climate. The number attending on arrival was 43, after pre-selection only 8 of us remained, at every stage the DS were thorough, switched on to heat exhaustion and were not slow to pull someone out for the day if they thought it was needed, yes for a day! the object was not to break anyone it was purely an assessment of those deemed suitable to warrant the trip back to the UK, it was astonishing the number of guys who had turned up having done no jungle work, were untrained in even basic compass use and had very basic weapon handling skills.

    As a contrast the January course on the hills would seem a million miles away, and no I did not badge, very young, very naive and not really ready mentally for that life style, 2 of my regiment on the same intake did go all the way one became Director SF .
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  2. Just before CFT replaced BFT, I recall an extremely badly planned so called route march dreamed up by a SL who had failed Selection and consequently carried 50 stones of spuds on each shoulder. It wasn't so much the heat of a German summer or the fact he got lost and 10 miles turned into 14 but 1 water bottle per man that had to be full on inspection on the return.
    Blaming the PTI's for wrong directions on his planned route -even they know left from right whilst looking backwards for instructions.
    He really was a moron who apparently got binned for crap map reading skills.
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  3. Having a condor moment, that brings it back!!
    Like sailing down a canal ? On a sinking barge?
  4. I seem to remember both existing contemporaneously.
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  5. So do my feet. And ankles, and hips and so on. To get my bounty quals I had to do both CFT and BFT, though thankfully not at the same time.
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  6. Yes thanks for that reminder of the weight (checked en route), the pace and thirst in summer months carrying that rifle:) The CFT and BFT were routine. Even as a young 'un I took days to recover; feet were in bits, and ISTR wearing a respirator (SR6??)for the range at the end.
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