UKSF team rescue dieing Italian climber

Welldone those men!!!

A BRITISH special forces team attempting the “seven summits” challenge — conquering the highest mountain on every continent — has rescued an Italian climber who was stranded and facing death at nearly 24,000ft in the Himalayas.

The five-man team of climbers from the SAS, the SBS and the TA unit 23 SAS, were climbing in the Himalayas, preparing for their ascent of Everest, when they came across Roberto Marabotto, an experienced climber and an instructor with the Italian Alpine Club...

...The team is undertaking the climbing challenge between tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, a source said.



War Hero
Now if that had been Bliar and his family stuck in the snow they could have left them there and it would have been the SF's greatest achievement


War Hero
I bet they rifled the Italians bergan though! he he
He was not far above Camp 2 but was unable to move and had been passed by a number of teams

What a bunch of f*ckers. I hope they find themselves in his position without the aid of a helpful Army team nearby.