UKSF Selection / PF Cadre routes

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by _Dirk_Diggler_, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. A little birdy has recently told me that the routes on the Hills Phase of Selection have changed. Can anyone confirm this to be true, and, more applicable to my own situation, whether PF have/ are likely to follow suite for their own Cadre?
  2. It's true. They cancelled the hills altogether due to lack of interest.

    The cadre guys took a vote and over-ruled the DS.

    Now......back in my day......
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  3. Yes,has been changed,now you go down the hills before going up them.
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  4. Does it really matter? From my attempt at SBS selection, we were given all the routes before hand. It doesn't make the hills any less steep, nor does it mean it's easier to find the checkpoints in the mist or in the dark. Ring up the Training Wing, they'll probably give them to you....
  5. Hmmm, yea dont think I'll be ringing the training wing asking for the routes somehow. I'm gonna have enough to worry about without being earmarked as a gobby tw*t.
  6. Is there no one in your unit you could ask? And as others have said if you prepare properly and have your navigation skills up to scratch then you should have little to memorise the routes.

    Speak to the relevant training wing and they'll send you a info pack that will include a bit about prepping for the course. The PF info pack advises people to contact the PF Sgt if they need more indepth help on what sort of training they need to do.
  7. They're not allowed to discriminate against gobby twats anymore. After all, its 2011, you could well have Aspergers, ADHD, Tourettes etc.
    Make sure you point this out to the DS if they get chopsy.
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  8. Perhaps you could make nav easier by finding out the routes then going out in advance & leaving a trail of breadcrumbs or crumbled Biscuits AB?
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  9. You have to do a Pre-Selection Cadre, during which you'll be briefed on the routes. T wing really don't care - there's less than a 10% chance of passing, knowing the routes won't help. Anyway, the hills are just there to make sure you're fit enough to go to the jungle.
  10. Alfred I'm looking to attend the next PF cadre in Feb not UKSF Selection. We've recently had a Hereford brief so I'm well aware of the prep candidates get before attending selection with both the briefing course, pre selection and infantry skills course for with a non infantry background, but there doesn't seem to be anything of similar prep for the PF Cadre.
    And for those who have suggested if your naving skills are up to scratch then you don't need to worry about the routes are you high? Im not about to blindly tip up to the Brecons having never seen the ground or fam'd up on the routes and expect to maintain 4km/h. And yes there are numerous blokes in my unit who I can about this, and would hope to get one of them on the hills with me, but if the routes they did are out dated then my time although not wasted, as it's good training, would not be a wisely used would it?
    Im just looking from someone in the know to confirm the changes to the routes and possibly outline them for me, if no one here knows it's not a drama as I'll contact the platoon directly once I'm/they are back off leave. I was just hoping to get on the ground and see the routes while on leave
  11. If you'd read my reply the you'd know the PF information pack tells people to call the PF Sgt for advice on training etc if you don't have a PF info pack yet then I suggest you call them and get one
  12. Whole of 16x is currently on leave. Not to worry anywho, Ive managed to track down the contact details of a few ex-SQN blokes who are currently serving there, will contact them for the gen.
  13. Dirk, from what I've heard, PF selection is more like P Coy on steriods rather than SF selection. The following was posted in the Pegasus mag.

    From Pegasus Magazine

    Week 1 - Aptitude. Candidates complete 2 x 8 milers, 10 miler, 2 miler

    Week 2 - Hills Phase. 4 x DS lead tabs followed by 4 test tabs culminating in endurance (distances not stated)

    Week 3 - SOP Phase. Candidates taught basic SOP's incl. OP construction and contact drills

    Week 4 - Range Phase. Live firing SENTA, IA and contact drills

    Week 5 and 6 - Final Ex includiing typical pathfinder tasks

    On completion, cadre undergoes further training (wpns, radios) then HALO course / BPC and HALO for those not already winged up.

    I dont know if it's up to date.

    Best of luck to you anyway
  14. Fair enough, I managed to get an Info Pack while they were on POTL as the PF have a civvy clerk who'd probably be in.
  15. Cheers Gungy, I was aware of much of the structure of the Cadre and not particularly phased by the 'P-Coy tabs on steriods' as by P Coy test week I found 10/2 milers pretty buckshee anyway. I'm more concerned by the test tabs culminating in Endurance, that's a gonna be a lot of mileage! Thanks for the replies, I'm gonna go get some mileage in my legs lol