UKSF selection and running

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by yomping, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Confused. Been doing some research on that artists forum thats just sprung up
    Unsure if its walty or real

    - 8 mile run?
    The only information I've been given is there's only the 1.5 mile BFT in under 10min 30 sec, then CFT (in which i manage 5.9 miles / hour with 40lbs)

    I ask because Im a weak runner but strong endurance marcher

    Not the sort of thing i want to phone up and ask about, nor draw attention to but how much running is involved in drill nights, if anyone has heard via friends of friends and all.

    I actually enjoy long heavy bergan walks but running more than a BFT gives me the screaming terror
    Can i get by on just 60lbs bergan walks?

    finally any views on if you can backstroke in the swim test? - lots of people, no forward vison - could make you look bad.

    Cheers and all the best
    thanks for your time

    Dynamic IP addresses. Gotta love them. power off, 30 mins, new IP.
  2. The bottom line is if you want to go for UKSF your PFT time should be well below the nine minute mark if not below the eight minute mark or thereabouts. UKSF is more about tabbing anyway but running has a direct crossover. You can't be complete crap at running but be a mega tabber. after all, tabbing is running but carrying weight!
  3. The initial BFT was undertaken on the first attendance at the recruitment night. It was done to weed out the fantasists (one of whom was carrying an imitation pistol) 1.5 miles at the fast jog paced by a wiry trooper then bloody fast! We ran on the cinder track at the Duke of Yorks.

    This was followed by 100mph basic PT, a lecture and then an old black and white film showing how bad selection would be. After this names were called and quite a few blokes left the room to be told 'thanks but no thanks'

    Those that stayed had an interview with a regular officer who then if he passed you, sent you off to an NCO. I only passed the interview because I happened to go running on Barossa common near where the bloke lived. Next stop Bordon....
  4. You bloody can. Tabbing is fast walking. Running is running.

    Did a 14 mile tab yesterday for fun, didnt even notice it. 2 mile run and
    I'm dying.
    At least i know now, and in good ish time - more bloody cardio vascular. Sob.
    In a quandry about delaying application till sumer.
    Anyone got good advice for rapid CV gain or high efficiency running technique?
    Many thanks.
  5. Tabbing is very fast walking and RUNNING
  6. Bearing in mind, when you start the SF CFT, you run and don't stop until the 6mile water point, you have a min then run again. We completed it in 1hr 34mins (as the crow flys) finishing at Dixie's
  7. just realised delaying my application till Sumer may take a time machine.
    Only going back 7 to 5 millennia (toBC) to the Ubaid and Uruk period.
    They may be lame questions, but least im not a thicko ;-)
  8. Yomping. The advice on this thread is well meaning but unreliable, to get information about UKSF(R) selection contact the official sites. You vertainly will not be expected to do a sub ten minute BFT let alone an 8 minute one. The underlying tenet is that it is initially training and development from a basic level ((i.e. starting from a reasonable not super human level of fitenss).

    There is more rumour and man in the pub told me about UKSF than you can shake a stick at.