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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by 28061, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    I've been reading through the forums for some time and have found some similar questions, but not quite what I was after - apologies if this is a duplication.

    I'm a civilian IHCD Emergency Medical Technician employed by a local ambulance service. Recently, the UKSF(R) placed a notice in our staff briefing documents asking for volunteers who were qualified medics to join the UKSF(R) support team.

    I've approached the UKSF(R) and asked some basic questions, but don't seem (yet) to be getting many answers, and having sent me what appears to be a standard UKSF(R) selection pack (even though the UKSF(R) website says 'support staff' aren't required to complete selection) I'm not even sure if they've understood my questions!

    What I want to know is:
    1) Is my IHCD EMT qualification sufficient? (Also have lots of other experience teaching and managing first responders)
    2) What are the fitness requirements for 'support staff'?

    I've got a good fitness foundation, and am certainly fit in civi terms - although I know this doesn't always translate. I've found lots of CMT->Para, Para->CMT posts, and even CMT-> IHCD Tech posts, but no ICHD Tech->CMT stuff!

  2. I would suggest you repost this question to the Professional Qual, RAMC & QARANC area as there are a couple of plp in there who will tell you exactly what you require re SF Medic.
  3. ooh, get her..too good to be lancing boils on a remfs arrse then are we?
  4. Nope that would a step up for me from the usual plaster application.
  5. From previous experience a lot of TA CMT's were drafted into 21/23 Med Wing. I don't recall meeting people who started out and developed CMT trades unless they were at first, patrol medics

    Patrol Medics and CMT's did the ATLS course (BATLES) up until a few years ago, augmented with the darks arts of Black Serpent

    I think your civilian qual puts you in good stead but I doubt you'll get away without additional training
    Eg administration of certain opiates and other procedures not common to yellow fleet (eg cut downs, suturing, simple otheopeadics, diseases and tropical weirdies etc etc)
  6. Thanks for that - useful stuff. I don't mind, and would enjoy and expect additional training. I've sent of my docs, and have been asked for a full CV detailing my skillset. So I'll send it off and see what they say. Thanks again

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