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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by mastram, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi, i'll be really thankful if someone could tell me if I can fit into UKSF(R). I'll be completing my M.B,B.S in 2012,and would like to volunteer for UKSF(R),can my skills as a doctor be of any help in the setup or is a doctor only for the combat support/service types ?
  2. Before anyone else beats me to it, I'll the supply the Standard Issue Answer to questions about Them Reserve...

    'PHONE THEM AND ASK!!! :wink:

    I will add that 21 SAS(R)were, apparently, looking to recruit fully-trained Paramedics.

    Good luck!
  3. There is also the issue that if you are a doctor you sign an oath to save life. Being in the SF you might find yourself in a conflict of interest.

    But, there are currently Dr's serving with the ranks, so you can do it.

    You have to pass first !!
  4. conflict of interest? why would that be any different to any doctor joining any other unit within the army?
  5. You seem to be quiet an expert in the matter, mind explaining what doctors sign exactly to prevent them from killing anyone?
  6. He probably means the hippocratic oath.

    This of course does NOT contain the phrase 'primum non nocere' as everyone seems to think (quite why an oath written by a Greek is normally quoted in latin is beyond me), so it's not actually relevant here.
  7. Doesn't that just apply to patients, and the curative efforts thereof? I would imagine if you started beating up a Dr. they'd damn well defend themselves.
  8. If it looked like you were going to pass I would have thought they would probably soil themselves with excitement - surely either they could use your skills specifically (hearts and minds), use your skills generally (overqualified medic for patrols) or use brainpower as an officer. Or at least some parts of the rank structure might think like that.
  9. I knew a 23 chap who had to keep his medical qualifications quiet for fear of being made the MO and pulled out of the squadrons

    15 years later, I still don't reckon the OC knows about him being a medical doctor
  10. I thought the Hippocratic Oath began with the words:

    "First, do no harm."

    However, I would think this applies specifically to Medical knowledge and situations. Since he is hardly likely to try and Shipman an enemy during a fire-fight, there is no conflict of interest that I can see.
  11. No. It mentions not doing harm, but this is at the end of a sentance about doing the best for your patients so its actually slightly ambiguous.

    Either way, the nature of modern medicine (chemo etc.) and the fact that MOs carry weapons means that the oath is out of date.
  12. Lately, the Hippocratic Oath concerning some of our overseas docs, should be changed to 'I'm just going to open you up with a speculum whilst fondling your breasts even if you did just come in for a repeat prescription'
  13. Sold! Would such a doc be part of med troop?
  14. I would be very surprised: at-least based on my own experience

    This said, stranger things have happened and I'm sure that the book would reveal more
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