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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ah945, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. I've tried the search function with no result, i've also looked in JSP 754, again no luck.

    If it isn't protectively marked material, would someone please PM information with regards UKSF pay scales, or perhaps guide me in the right direction? I thought I would try here before telephoning the recruiting line.

    JSP 754 gives the SP element so i'm not after that, specifically i'm after the Trooper to Sergeant scales. This will enable me to make an informed decision regarding financial implications of life within UKSF.

    I'm after this information not simply because I am a money grabbing, greedy twat, which of course I am, but because I am a SNCO with a mortgage and children to consider, so any pay freeze or drop if successful would impact others not just myself.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Why would you try an anonymous open internet forum for info on SF pay instead of phoning the recruiting team and getting the info from the horses mouth?
  3. Because he doesn't want his first contact with them to make him look like a money grabbing, greedy twat, as he said? Seems like a fair one to me - someone considering going SF isn't immune to the bills that carry on arriving every month.

    Sorry mate, I don't know the answer - hopefully, someone can point you in the right direction.

  4. How would it? It a genuine question and besides I'm pretty sure they have information packs they send out which have all the info anyone could want to know, without having to specifically ask them about pay.
  5. Troopers start at around 39k.
  6. To be honest, contacting the recruiter and asking the question is probably what I would do if I was thinking about it (which I'm not although, given my age, it would probably brighten the recruiter's day and give them a moment's amusement).

    But I can also understand someone who's seriously thinking about this wanting to know as much as possible before making contact, so as not to look like a dick. If he's thinking this hard about it then I guess you and I know he won't look like a dick anyway, but that's not the point. If the information is out in the open then finding it yourself before you ask the recruiter anything can only add to the confidence with which you approach the selection process. So, for my money, good luck to him.

  7. AFAIK, you essentially have 2 ranks. You join as a trooper but keep your old 'shadow' rank which determines your salary, obviously with SF pay added on.

    I wouldn't worry too much, I've never come across any of 'them' complaining about a lack of cash!!
  8. Hi,
    It's a strange enquiry because money should be the last consideration for a family guy. The changes that may affect you and your family are not really monetary. It's a lifestyle choice... Up to nine months per year away from your wife and kids with the added risk of serious injury. You will probably not be worse off financially except in the short term. Age and seniority are usually taken into consideration but it depends on what you have to offer.

    Good luck...
  9. I would have thought money would have been one of the first considerations from someone with a family...
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The Op says that he is already a SNCO so the money being discussed here is the extras that SF personnel get, unless this person expects to lose rank to transfer. If so then he is prepared to take the hit financially, it is just a case of how much. Therefore I would suggest that Higgs is perfectly correct in his statement. There are more things in life than money.
  11. Complete nonsense; there will be no hit financially for reducing in rank.
  12. As I said, you don't lose rank. Whatever SAS rank you are you keep your 'old' rank for pay purposes.
  13. A belt full of gold coins (per op) apparently.
  14. Thank you all for your replies.

    Crow_bag, as you have stated and what was re-iterated by Donny, this is an an anonymous forum; a phone call is much more personal and if the information cannot be obtained be these means, this will be my next step. But again thank you for your reply.

    Higgs_bosun, I take on board what you have said and couldn't agree more. However, the financial implications are but one aspect in my thought process at this moment in time, it is only by talking all of the implications through with my family, including the financial side, that can help me decide whether this will be a good move or not.
  15. my thoughts exactly.