UKSF - 63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (R) NOW RECRUITING

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by 63Rep, Apr 25, 2006.

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    UK Special Forces (Reserve)


    63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (Reserve) is looking for very special people who want to do something different in thier spare time.

    We need:

    - Soldiers
    - Signallers

    Supported by:

    - Mechanics
    - Drivers
    - Chefs
    - Clerks

    To be considered for the UK Special Forces Reserves you need to be:

    - Aged between 18 and 32, 34 with previous military experience
    - Physically and mentally fit
    - Intelligent
    - Flexible
    - Mature
    - Able to commit to considerable training demands
    - Willing to deploy overseas

    Although previous military experience is very useful, it is not essential since we will provide all the appropriate training you may need.

    If you think you measure up to our requirements and are attracted by an exciting and out of the ordinary spare time occupation, we'd like to hear from you.

    CALL 0800 163925 ref L Troop
  2. Do i get to have photos taken with me wearing black nasty over my eyes?
  3. Sadly no black nasty

    edited for being bitter :roll:
  4. Locations, or at least counties where the TACs are?

    Do you accept transfers from other TA units?
  5. ah good old 63 there used to be a girl in 23 troop that half the guys had shagged she even got caught at it with a full screw in the back of the sigs wagon once apon a time worth doing the course just to jump her bones
  6. Excellent, being imaginative (sorry, don't mean to be patronising).

    CV, Qualifications etc. Push them. 'Emergency First Aider in the Workplace', already booked (nil cost), weird stuff we think is 'peculiar' is of interest (why would anyone think HAZMAT is a draw - but it it is and we are grunts). Hit how what we do is relevant to employers and recruits will appear.

    Clearly SF could be a little different, but a potential recruit is gold dust.

    Hope to be in a position in a few months to be able to 'pass on' recruits. SF, and ALL organisations with a 'peculiar skill', come and talk. Cross training should be a minimum. Ooh the hierarchy will do me for that one!

    If we get a potential recruit that we cannot take (for whatever reason), let's talk. Ease their transition and benefit the whole. I want training for my guys on stuff we cannot do so let's find an easy way (Good Lord - cross training), to pass potential recruits across. And we will ALWAYS pass trained soldiers to SF or Reg.

    This needs to be kept strictly TA, NO grown ups, or it will all become too difficult! Don't believe me? Just watch!

  7. I did selection for 63 Signal Squadron. Passed the 4 weekends which are a combination of fizz and classroom work, Passed the Trade Course which was a beast of a classroon ordeal and then some PSI decided that he didnt like my swagger and binned me when I had given over a year and a half of my life and effort to get in.

    Out of about 56 on the meet and greet only 13 of us actually passed and went on to trade training. (Thats how hard it was) For some unknown reason one of the DS on the trade course took a dislike to me from day one and eventually that dislike was shared among the rest of the DS and WO2, 3 days into the weeks trade training it was blatantly obvious that there was a witch hunt going on despite my having passed eveything. I took endless amounts of grief every day and was set up to fall several times by members of the DS until finally on the last day they called me in and the PSI said that they wouldnt be taking there interest in me any further. I asked why and he said he didnt like the way I carried myself around the place. (The word * springs to mind!)

    I did the training, passed the courses and still got stiffed by a couple of power crazy DS. With the exception of a few who supported me (you know who you are) the rest are a bunch of badge collecting tossers! most of which have never even seen the brecons!

    I would recommend doing the course to anyone for the experience alone, but be aware its a funny club and even though you think you might be in you never are!

    *Watch the bootnecks they smile at you and then stab you in the back!!
  8. Know a guy on the Special Observers course that happened to, he passed all the tests but kept getting a fail on the FTX, he did it 3 or 4 times (thats a year and a half to two years reg time) and still failed but was never told why.

    He finally gave up and I saw him on his last few days in the unit, he was laughing as he showed me his PAMPAS print out that clearly stated he passed the course on his first attempt. His face didn't fit but didn't do anything to be failed on, so they kept putting him through the course till he gave up. Lzas thing he told me was his was going to wear the badge anyway and screw them.

    Knew another lad who passed and joined his patrol, things were fine till he got captured on a compertition ex, he got caught because the patrol commander did something stupid to overtake anoher team and put the load of them in "danger" and he got nabbed. So the patrol commander had it in for the lad as he couldn't win and made his life hell until he posted out the regt, selections one thing, getting on with the unit is another entirely
  9. 63sigs
    Perhaps if you were binned you should changes your moniker

    Sounds like you were a positively splendid candidate, talented in all the right ways

    Seems like they collectively dropped the ball letting you go but I'm the unit has managed to limp along without your presence!
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  10. I'm curious - when did 63 Squadron get the (SAS) appended to their name???

    I know my memory is shot to hell - but back in the seventies I'm fairly certain it was just 63 Squadron (VR). 21 and 23 had their own Signals units and 63 was the designated support unit due to the nature of the transmissions

    Note to self - ask one of the contemporaries and see if they can recall!!
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  11. Are you kidding Militant_Driver? You say your experience is 30 odd years old, but you seem to be shocked that the world has changed. The SF units were only 30 odd years old when you were last around, and they are double that age now. As far as I know the post is not a walt, there is a genuine recruitment drive going on at the moment. They have posters about TACs and everything o_O

    If you are serious, I was under the impression the moniker started to be used at the same time that 63 undertook the same selection and wore the stable belt and had the same badged beret. I too would ask someone to confirm, but I really can't build up the enthusiasum!
  12. They wear a Beige beret with sig capbadge. Sigs coloured belt with SAS badge and motto on the buckle. Other than that prob best not to ask questions. If your interested then call the number.

    Other wise...

  13. 1967, formed from 322 (SAS) Sig Sqn who in turn was form ed in 61.

    Prior to that, as you said there were R Sig dets in 21 & 23
  14. I thought you'd left :D

    I believe they are based in Portsmouth with a few dets on the way to London
  15. Did the regular lot - 264 SAS Signals Sqd - become part of 18 Signal Regiment(UKSF) or are they still a seperate unit? And will UKSF(R) Signal units expand to a full regiment like thier regular counterparts?