Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Are the staff in UKSC(G) fixing the study into Germany basing to make sure that they remain a massive, ineffective and overpaid civilian heavy organisation; to be re-located in Herford or Bielefeld?
  2. dont know - good question - you tell us.......
  3. I heard Gutersloh, once a certain Bde HQ pulls out (re-locates in UK), but then who listens to rumours!!!

    Whatever the truth, the gravy train is getting ever smaller for our oh so loved (arrogant, obnoxious, self important) UKBC’s
  4. gutersloh would make sense but its a bit big for what will be required - after all it should only need to be a 1 star HQ by then?
  5. I left Hohne in August - and from Bde HQ, the message was

    ARRC leaving Rheindalen for UK
    and the only bases remaining open will be


    everything else - goes!!
  6. OMG. How will the RO's survive without the discounted accom and F&L, the Tax Free Merc merry go round, and the PX?

    There will be a very unseemly bun fight for the RO jobs....
  7. They'll just have to roll their sleeves up and get on with it. No room for sentimentality there, especially given the work ethic of some of our civilian bretheren.
  8. Pretty much the standard brief, however, they include the other garrison locations as well, for instance Gutersloh garrison includes Herford and Bielefeld.
  9. And Paderborn/Sennelager!
  10. Even more so the mounds of privileged civil servants, presently sitting comfortably in their completely free houses, and channeling their COLA into second homes in Spain and Italy!

    OTOH, there would be plenty of office space in The Big House for all of LAND, AG etc if HYPERION should go tits up!
  11. I have better question.

    Is Outstanding ever going to post a well balanced, thought out post with facts to back it up. Or will he/she continue to post 2 line questions based on the latest duty rumour?
  12. SJ this is a rumour site, if it were a fcat site it would have a different name. My understanding of one of its purposes is to engender debate and questioning about what is going on. Now the fact is that a study (or Programme to be factually correct) is underway to ascertain if it is possible to find a new location in UK for the ARRC Group. Part of that work is also looking at whether there will be an extant requirement to retain JHQ, if ARRC returns to UK. I have heard that this has caused considerable concern amongst the FDH members of UKSC(G) who thought they had a ticket to ride. This has most recently been seen in a series of self promoting attempts to show just how important UKSC(G) is to UK forces in Germany. I do not think it is and I consider it could be retrustured to be more efficient far more compact and effective. Many current members of UKSC(G) disagree. Thanks for your input, now FOAD!
  13. UKSC is a bloated HQ full of self serving hangers on. BFG could function adequately with a Support Command a quarter of the size.
  14. Hear Hear Guru.
  15. A bit harsh, but I can understand the sentiment. OS, your posts re Germany are nearly all tainted with a hint bitterness. Christ, some of us would give our hind teeth to be back there, despite the UKBCs (which aren't all bad, but they do have some 'remarkable' people shall we say).
    You also appear to be on a continual fishing trip to see how many people agree with you.

    If you're not happy over there, can't you get a posting? I'm sure that there is someone in the UK who will gladly swap with you. Perhaps you're putting up with it all of Germanys faults, because the LOA and tax free facilities help balance out the equation?