UKs Top tier leadership wiped out.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SKJOLD, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. In the wake of the sudden death of the Polish President and a number top Polish leaders, what would happen in the UK if this happened, but worse!


    Big party somewhere, so exclusive not even the Hilton sisters got an invite.

    On the way back by some incredible misfortune all top tier UK leaders are killed or maimed. All leaders of the top three political parties and their closest advisor's, Gone!
    Military, social services(Police, Fire, Health) Gone!
    Royalty, Liz, chuck, andy, anne, and the kids, Gone!
    Bankers, ******* and Alan sugar Gone! And Richard Branson.

    So what would happen, would the UK suddenly descend into chaos. Bosnia\Serbian style or would those who aren't quite ready to be promoted, be promoted to fill the necessary jobs and try and muddle through as best they can.
    How long would it be before we would start to see and feel the loss of so many of the UKs leaders, (if any)

  2. Most of the population wouldn't notice
  3. I imagine there would be another even bigger party that all could go to.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. We managed back in the summer, when Mandelscum was in charge, running the country while rammed up his Brazilian bum boy on some Oligarths yacht in the Med
  6. It's a ridiculous scenario to imagine. The RAF could never get a big enough aircraft servicable for long enough to crash in the first place.
  7. True , as long as food & booze supplies, premier division football, x factor, celebrity Big brother etc wern't affected , most wouldn't give a toss!
  8. You're absolutely right there, Tropper. Even when they're supposed to be working, they're not.

    I've always wondered why the UK needs 650 MPs and something like 700 of them Lords geezers to do a job that could be carried out by a fraction of that number.

  9. Most flew with Ryan air and easy jet due to cost cutting brought on by the excellent Mr Gordon Brown. Although his excellency Mr Gordon Brown did fly 1st class BA. A special flight 747 for just 8 people. Amazing.

  10. Has Simon Cowell survived?
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Serious question: Do you think we'd have the same outpouring of grief? Mass floral tributes, candles and such.

    I appreciate that as soldiers, their CDS and similar would warrant a tribute but would we, as British people of whatever political persuassion, really eulogise the politicians quite as much?

    I post this only so that SKJOLD may reply and I get to be mesmerized by the alluring young lady in his signature again.
  12. You'd end up with puffed up little town councillor w*nkers trying to run things.

    I'd only mourn the death of members of the Armed Forces and Betty & Co.
  13. Does that mean we have to have one of those stupid rememberance records done by Elton John because if it does can i be on the flight too.
  14. There would probably be some :yawn: :yawn: sort of reaction... :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:
  15. We should have a passenger list, and lets say that the princes were not on it as they were both on duty at the time


    The Queen
    The Prime minister
    The Cabinet
    you can go from there