UKs Muslim problems?

Discussion in 'US' started by Trip_Wire, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Both. Depends on the town/city and how it is/isn't reported. Australia have got the right idea regarding immigration and intergration.
  3. America is the home of crackpot videos, why ask us? Search the internet hard enough and you'll get footage to prove any point, how are the space aliens?
  4. Bit of both really. Choudry's an idiot and leads about 17 people on a good day. There are issues in some areas but most muslims are still moderate and just want to get on with their lives rather than having these mongs representing them. Choudry is very good at getting publicity for his cause by suggesting outrageous things such as the Queen becoming a muslim and Buck House being a mosque. he knows it'll create outrage and gets him publicity.

    People like him are best off ignored. This video is basically BNP style scare mongering and equally should be ignored.
  5. Wait until we fcuk the Labour government off at the next election. No more Mr Nice Guy. :twisted:
  6. Unfortunately Australia has no idea of what to do about the hundreds of boat people who arrive off our coasts each month. We just push them into detention centres until each one fills up and then open another one. If we were Israelis the answer would be obvious, but we're not quite ready to put ourselves in that sub category of the human race just yet.
  7. The nutter at the beginning of the video is Anjem Choudary. He failed medical school, failed law school and failed in his marriage. He has reinvented himself as the 'Chief Judge of the Sharia Courts of the United Kingdom'. As others have mentioned, he is an attention seeking clown with literally several 'followers'. The vast majority of British Muslims wouldn't give him the time of day. He lives off welfare and I'd expect our new government to find him a nice job in the near future, at which point he'll probably bugger off and join his mentor, Omar Bakri Mohammed, in exile in Lebanon.

    The chest slapping thing is, I believe, part of a religious festival celebrated by a particular Muslim sect. It's generally harmless although one fervent follower was jailed a while ago for beating his 14 year old son with a chain with nails in it. Self flagellation is also practised by some Christians.

    There is an ongoing problem with UK police harassing photographers. They have embraced anti-terrorism legislation with an enthusiasm only matched by the TSA's enthusiasm for the Patriot Act. There are many examples of this happening on YouTube. Note that the woman who was harassing the photographer was not a police officer. She was a 'Police Community Support Officer'. These are low cost, partly trained civilians that don't have powers of arrest. Some of them have been watching too many episodes of Miami Vice.

    I think the bloke shown at the end is the new leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, a fairly right wing party in the UK that has an anti-European agenda. He showed himself to be an absolute fool during our election last month when he was shown on live TV unable to state his own party's policies. He's no more dangerous than little Anjem.

    There are serious and growing racial problems in the UK but most of them have been caused by the previous government rather than by the very small number of extremists in Britain. The Marxist wing of the Labour Party identified Muslims as an oppressed minority and set about leading them in an 'uprising' against the 'racist' majority. This has led to increasing anger at 'loony left' policies such as open door immigration, forcing school children to eat Halal meat and the gradual but steady introduction of Sharia law that the previous government encouraged.
  8. it makes you go blind :tp:
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I'm sure you have a few as well! Here is another video to consider. I think you will find one is from the UK.

    Muslims Are Taking Over The World at an ALARMING Rate - MUSLIM IMMIGRATION

    Also this one, a fine greeting for returning troops!
  10. As I said, you can get footage to prove almost any point. Unfortunately we can't show the youtube footage of the christian invasion of America, the holy war fought against the indigenous population of South America.

    You are aware that white christians are the invader in America.
  11. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    As I recall they were from the UK!
  12. There's a reason that Spanish is a widely spoken language in the US. A more accurate statement would be that they were from Europe.

    Niceties aside, you are the invader, your race pushed out the indigenous population and yet you argue that it shouldn't happen to you.
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Consider this.:
  14. Agreed.

    The occasions when masses of Muslims take to the streets as suggested in the video aren't everyday occurances. The vid is unbalanced and scaremongering, playing on people's fears more than reflecting reality. Of course there are concerns to be addressed, but for the most part it is a vocal minority that are the problem and they are by no means representative of British Muslims as a whole.

    Having left the forces I have returned to education. A couple of my co-students are British Asians, born in Pakistan but raised in the UK. They consider themselves to be English Pakis, they support England at football and cricket (although they admit to sitting on the fence when it comes to England v Pakistan, which is fair enough). They will be avidly following the world cup and cheering England on which is more than the porridge wogs will do. (I'd rather be a Paki than a Jock.)

    One of the lads, when he's finished at Uni, wants to follow a career in the armed forces. Yes, he is a Muslim, that's his faith and personal to him, but as for the rest of it, he's as British as the next bloke. I still haven't managed yet to persuade him to have a bacon butty for scran and go out on the piss but I'm working on it.