UKs most convicted driver jailed


Outside court his lawyer Rob Ross said: "Jamie is a likeable idiot, really. Jamie suffers from a very serious addiction to cars. He just can't leave them alone.

"During the 1980s he used to steal cars to order and he made a lot of money.

"Then, a few years ago, he got addicted to heroin, but it's the cars he's really hooked on. He just doesn't understand the words `Don't drive'."

How about cutting off his arms off at the shoulder and his legs of at the hip? Jiveass barstools like this are costing me a fortune, as car insurance has gone up again this year! :evil:
And the great and good wonder why the masses say that our courts are failing ........ 48 car related convictions and this cnut can still get near a car ..... also addicted to drugs and working as a club bouncer, I thought they had to be licensed now and fit for the job eg. drug free.

Throw the key away or forget to give him release or parole this guy is a oxygen thief and a waste of rations.


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