UKs first live testing of new Tomahawk Land attack block 4

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_0ne, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. I know its the Sun but footage is excellant,,11021-2006410749,00.html?channel=Sun%20Exclusive&clipID=1347_SUN2587
  2. good find

  3. that was pritty feckin impressive
  4. Pity we cant vertically launch them.
  5. If the target gets waxed properly, does it really matter the method of launch?

    TLAMs are extremely good ordinance which have uses far and above the "war on terror" disclaimers so popular now.
  6. Looks like they do enough damage without any bang type stuff!
  7. nice video..impressed..
  8. Its a logistical pain in the arrse loading TLAM into torpedo tubes.

    And obviously more TLAM = less other ordinance.

    You'd think we could have modified Astute for the VLS variant of TLAM although it would have been costlier.

    Its alright for you lot, you can afford to convert entire subs to the SSGN role.
  9. Great video.

    Impressive weapon as long as you are in the ISO container it's aimed at.....
  10. I believe the new Type 45 destroyers can vertically launch cruise missiles from their Sylver launcher. The French are adapting the storm shadow cruise missile to be fired from Sylver launchers. The existing Sylver modules on the T45s would need to be swapped out for longer ones to accommodate Tomahawk.

    The US navy is reputed to be designing a conventional warhead to replace the nuclear warheads in some Trident missiles. Despite containing no explosives, the speed at which it would hit the ground would create a bigger hole than any other conventional missile, vertically launched or not! Rumours that the project is code named 'Strangelove', after the film where the world is destroyed in an accidental nuclear war, have not been confirmed. :D
  11. Thats some range template when firing during training.

    Are the bright gay colours because its RN?
  12. The RN wanted to fit TLAM to T45 but the RAF are in charge of 'Deep Strike' and won't let them. The French maufacturers of Sylver claim it can take TLAM but this has never been tested and I'm not sure Raytheon agree. SCALP-Naval is being developed for use with Sylver, but it has a much lower range than TLAM.
  13. Slighty off topic and I apologise,

    I saw something on SkyNews/BBCNews 24 not sure which about Britains first testing of a cruise missile that can be fired from a submerged submarine and hit any part of the globe, now I thought that was impressive,

    Anyone throw any light on it?
  14. Very impressive, but its typical of the Matelots to get the wrong bloody Gulf. Still, bettter luck next time.
  15. Any prospect of using bolt-on-deck launchers like the USN used to use? I believe they are basically revolvers of 4 missiles which are raised to a 45 degree angle for launching.