UKs existence is at risk - Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. is absolutely right

  2. is not too far from the truth

  3. overestimates the danger, though real one

  4. is rather wrong

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  5. is absolutely wrong

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  6. I wish a disintegration of the UK myself

  1. Some cynics might argue that the Scots and Welsh ar trying to dissassociate themselves from the present cluster fcuk that Neu Arbeit are making of this country before they get dragged under
  2. The Chancellor...

    Helped to start the whole ball rolling with Scottish and Welsh devolution, so should enjoy a big steamy hot cup of Shut The Feck Up.

    This whole thing could be variously described as reaping what one has sown, or taking things to their logical conclusion
  3. :meditate: I was thinking exacatly that Mr Stoat reading the beeb page.... pot kettel I was contemplating. Hummm..... a Tony Kroney shutting the fcuk up??? oh please dear lord, make it happen! :plotting: :frustrated:
  4. Well if he is going to be PM, the union is hardly in safe hands now is it? Big fat jessie!
  5. If he'd heeded the warnings on ARRSE none of this would have happened.
  6. It seems to me that esteemed mr.Brown doesn't believe his own words himself.

    This fuss around the 'disintegration' is no more than political games.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    you think :D
  8. The unity of the country is at risk because of the policies of this government, for Brown to highlight it is hipocrisy at its highest, i note that he wanted a scottish parliment but does not want only the english MPs to vote on english laws, would this have something to do with fact that some english laws were pushed through with the help of scottish labour MPs votes, he makes me puke
  9. Don't they teach politicians the 'So What?' question???

    As in, 'I gave parliaments/assemblies to the Scots, Welsh and Norn Irish, so what will the English think?'

    'I've got us involved in 8 minor conflicts and 2 wars, so what will I need to do about defence funding?'

    'I've stood by BLiar's side for the last 10 years, but now I'm saying he was wrong, so what will the voters think?'

    The man's an idiot.
  10. As per several posts, the problem was compounded by devolution for Wales and Scotland (obviously devolution for NI is not going too well at the moment).

    If we want a 'Great Britain' then we need a political structure for 'Great Britain'. Anything that is specific to any local area is a subject for the 'local Government'.

    Liarbour does not know what it wants:

    a. It devolves power to the regions, then issues national edicts from on high.

    b. It says that it wants to empower local Government and areas such as the NHS, then prevents them from doing their jobs properly, giving them ever more red tape, cutting their funding etc.

    Get rid of the regional assemblies, I say. What do they add?
  11. It's because these fat greedy cnuts will do anything for a marginal vote. They thought to themselves that playing the devolution card (which was never really an issue beforehand - or at least until Braveheart) would get them votes. Now that it's backfired, they are trying to crawl out of it.

    Does the word treason have any meaning in this context (that of plotting the destruction/disintegration of the United Kingdom)?
  12. Don't believe a bloody word of it! This is Mr Brown cacking his pants - he knows he's on shagging thin ice as a sweaty sock MP sitting in and governing ENGLAND!!! HE HAS NO MANDATE!! No wonder he's trying to sure* up his position before taking over from chum Bliar. Brown's legacy will be established the moment he moves into No10, and the Jock Splitters (SNP) get the porridge wogs to vote for 'independence', thereby leaving him high & dry!! With any luck, he'll lose his seat to some rabid yet unintelligible Weejy!

    * or, might I mean 'shore' ?....