UK's "Biggest Stag" shot on Exmoor

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by theinventor, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. In the news today , appears that a large stag known as "Emperor" has been shot on Exmoor by trophy hunters who took the antlers and left the body by the road.

    Not going to do our sport much good in the PR department... It's being blamed on a "licensed hunter" but I can't believe that a responsible hunter's going to do that: neither shooting near a busy road with spectators all around nor leaving the carcass out in the open is a smart way to win friends and influence people.

    (edited to add: don't have a problem with dropping stags, but don't do it in a way that's going to pi55 off a load of people and get us bad PR)
  2. There was a chap from the Deer Society on the Today programme this morning who did try and explain that deer were a 'crop' that the estates sold to make money. He thought it a shame that this particular animal had been shot during the rut but did point out that there were plenty of younger bucks coming up. I think it will just be a bit of news during a slow day and go away.

    I do wonder that the carcass has just been left on the moor though?
  3. Perhaps it may have been left there as "bait" for the Beast of Exmoor :)
  4. I'm afraid that I find that type of 'hunter' pathetic. I thought that they had gone with the Victorians.

    Everything that I shoot (apart from the rats) I eat.
  5. Afraid not. Still around and can come from pretty much anywhere nowdays. Problems and a general sense of unease tends to circulate around a particular type with more money than sense and a grossly distorted sense of their true worth in the greater scheme of things.

    I have a particular problem with people who think that long range sniping of game = hunting.
  6. Shot in the rut, it wouldn't be fit for dogfood, but that's no excuse for leaving it lying out.
  7. There is nothing big or clever about shooting an animal, especially during it's mating season, just for a pathetic trophy to boast about.
  8. But dont they only carry their Antlers during the Rut? which was obviously the only reason it was shot...a shocking waste of meat ... hopefully there is a hunt that can make use of it....
  9. A couple of years ago there was a major stink locally when a bunch of ( Belgians ? Italians ?), hacked off with not getting enough body-count in their weeks stalking, rounded up a small herd of red against a fence line using 3-4 vehicles then basically executed them from <100m. Not exactly sport and not good management either. The problem with allowing money into the equation ?
  10. They shed their antlers well after the mating season yes, usually towards spring, but they quickly regrow them again. There are many red deer near where I live, but they are culled to control numbers and occasionally to stop deer damage, but rich guys aren't allowed to buy in for trophy shoots. They cull the infirm, older and weaker stuff, certainly not a stag in it's prime whilst in rut.
  11. This is patently wrong. This poor beautiful creature killed for man's pleasure. Could the hunter not have chosen a more apt target like Gordon Brown or Harriet Harman? Or any Labour Party member?

    Now that would be fun for all!
  12. I find this whole thing totally disgusting.

    It just killing animals for fun, for those that have the money!

    Call that Sport?........................*****!
  13. Saw this on the early morning News bulletins. I live close to Exmoor, have met Johnny Kingdom Johnny Kingdom's Wildlife Website , and wouldn't imagine he'll be too thrilled.
    This has annoyed me, and to think that Wildlife like that Stag can be targeted for profit, while satisfying a gun happy predator's ego.
    What goes around comes around.
  14. A rotten thing to do. It was probably a Scouser that did it.
  15. Hunting is a valid sport and provides income and employment in many areas. If it had happened in the Highlands, and the beast hadn't been photgraphed a week before, no-one would be bothered now.

    In the time its taken me to write this a few hundred cows have been herded into an abatoir and had their brains pulped by a bolt gun.

    I'm afraid this is all just media hype with a bit of Bambiism thrown in for luck.