UKs biggest arms projects are £3.5bn over budget

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. How very smart of the Guardian to catch on.

  2. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Apparently there has been a push at the Somme too.
  3. In their next issue i hear there's going to be a techology suppliment about a new fangled "light-bulb"...
  4. So... just how big are these arms going to be?? Are they stretching someone? Or making expensive bionic "add-ons"? Sounds exciting.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Surely some mistake! The grauniad gets it wrong AGAIN!

    The carriers and other navy ships are actually considerably UNDER budget. It's the same with the aircraft and the vehicles.

    For example: The carriers have had various bits lopped off the design because they are too expensive right now, saving millions, the destroyers are not getting various armaments yet - saving yet hundreds of millions more; the aircraft such as the Eurofighter had (until recently) been designed with a concrete slab where a gun should be (saving yet more millions) and the FRES is on hold bit-time and thus saving many hundreds of millions more.

    There's lots of savings - probably to the tune of around 50 billion over the term of this (and the previous two parliaments).
  6. Surely it depends on what you are comparing a project's current expenditure profile against ? If it is against the original estimate (perhaps made 10-15 years earlier) then of course you will be 'overspending'. If, on the other hand, it is against the latest iteration of price analysis, ie that being recorded in the most recent EP bid then I hope the project will be coming in 'under-budget'. I don't trust any of these numbers to be honest since people can usually tweak them to make them look like anything they wish.
  7. mmmmm looking for a new desk Biped?
  8. the carriers are being turned into half arsed ones basically. A false economy in the long run. If they kept the carriers to original spec they wouldn't need as many frigates and destroyers anyway. And the Eurofighter has been the worst waste and converting it to ground attack is upping its already horrendous cost. As for the FRES....even if it came in there isn't enough air transport capability to get it to whereever in numbers required. May as well stick with WARRIOR and cancel it.
  9. If they kept the carriers to original spec they wouldn't need as many frigates and destroyers anyway.

    Errr, yes they would!
  10. I have the feeling that FRES is turning into the MRAV of the noughties...! Whatever happened to MRAV?

  11. Heard a rumpour that MoD is to cut defence spending futher and are negotiating the buy the latest Mk XXV Bow and Arrow
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Not quite sure what you mean?!

    Anyways (I'm paraphrasing here): Defense Procurement, approx. 9-10 billion per annum. Would be 13-15 billion if the MOD actually got the full-spec kit it wanted. Treasury says "fcuk you mistah, you can have 6 billion and that's your lot!"

    MOD says, OK, we'll take the gun off the Eurofighter, will lose some self-defense missiles off these destroyers, we'll scrap proper ammunition for various weapons and buy them from Uganda instead, we'll use perspex instead of bullet-proof glass in these here vehicles, and we won't get any tools to maintain our helicopters, there you go, we've just saved 9 billion sovs!"

    Two years later, it costs more to design a lump of concrete for the Eurofighter, we have to fill those holes in the ships were the missiles normally go, so we'll spend a bunch of money designing some nice hatches, or something, mmmm, that perspex doesn;t stop much does it, so let's develope something better because it's not fit for purpose, and blimey, didn't those consultants cost a lot of money, and damn, we can't fly the helicopters, better re-tool and scrape up the crashed ones, oh, and the Nimrods too whilst we are about it, damn, all the guns are jamming, best dump those expensive Ugandan rounds (at our cost) and buy the proper stuff anyway . . . and before you can say "fcuk me, that wasn't half short-sighted!", various c0ck-ups have been made, people have died, egg is all over people's faces, contracts have been signed and can't be gotten out of, useless kit has been bought, things have to be re-designed and the budget has crept back up to higher than the original request.

    Oh, and it's the MOD's fault again, not the treasury.
  13. I didn't say they wouldn't need any, just not as many! if it was a proper carrier it would have proper aircraft to defend itself and have proper airborne early warning aircraft to detect any threats.
  14. Heard a rumour that Bowmen and Pikemen are going to be phased out, with a new, multi-role 'Infanteer' to be brought it.
    It is thought that the new 'Infanteer' will bring 'A new, effective, rapidly deployable system that will bring the Army into the 21st Century'!
    Well according to the Liberal left er sorry Guardian