UKRFA positions for Young Officers

The United Kingdom Reserve Forces Association has vacancies on the following Committees

1. Defence Attitudes and Security Issues Committee (DEFSEC)
Requirement: Ideally have done an Op tour, mid seniority RNR Lt/TA Capt equivalent, 5 years+ experience

2. Civil / Military Cooperation Committee (CIMIC)
Requirement: Ideally have done a CIMIC role

3. Legal Committee
Requirement: Must be legally qualified or legally experienced

4. Partnership for Peace Committee (PfP)
Requirement: Suitable for a YO with 2-3 years experience

5. Language Academy Committee Instructors
Requirement: Ideally hold TEFL qualification

More here:

Although I've heard the UKRFA mentioned, I've never really heard much about them etc. Having had a quick look at the site from the link you posted, was just wondering if you know anything about the YROW? I realise I can ask them myself but I know nobody in my unit will have much idea, and you seem to be a font of knowledge :p

I have not done YROW, but am happy to put you in touch with someone who has.

PM me for more details.

Having spent 24 years in the reserves, TA and RAFR, including a visit to the Netherlands under the CIOR banner, I would welcome information of how i can contribute, as a SME employer.
Retd_crab said:
Having spent 24 years in the reserves, TA and RAFR, including a visit to the Netherlands under the CIOR banner, I would welcome information of how i can contribute, as a SME employer.
Get in touch with UKRFA.

Your reply is not helpfull. I responded to your post, if you want my support, work for it do not make me work to give it.
I may not employ hundreds on people but I do have a workforce of whom the MOD is desperate to utilise.
msr does not have anything directly to do with UKRFA, he merely posted a site that may be of interest to users of this site. He has given you constructive advice, there's no need to get snappy. It's up to you to find out your own information sometimes :)
Just in case anyone is interested...I attended in 07, this year was light on TA bodies (RNR heavy), I'd encourage all to apply.

I attended YROW as a Senior Captain and whilst I gained a lot from it, I would have gained a lot more from attending it straight after commissioning. I think the format tends to flex a little bit depending on the hosting country but last year I attended in Riga and the format was as follows.

We were there for a week and effectively arrived late one night and had the following day for Registration etc, this was necessary as everyone had travelled independently so needed to meet up.

We then had the day that opened the congress which consisted of a parade, speeches and such stuff and then we were packaged up as the YROWs and starting our work, basically the point was to work up a report on the theme of the years conference (Reintegration of Reserves in 2007, Employer Support in 2008), this was then presented both to the other YROWs and to the Canadian Naval Captain who was the President of the CIOR. This phase lasted 2-3 days and had other activities mingled in, stuff like a Military Law exam, lunches with visiting dignitaries and visits to other elements of the congress, like the military skills competition. There tends to be activities every night as well and for us this ranged from a night out at Latvias bobsleigh centre of excellence to a reception by the latvian MOD.

The final phase is where all the committees including YROW report back, and this lasts for 2 days. Extremely interesting and funny if you like that sort of thing. Just like a Professional Institutes conference, but elements like a live VTC with a British TA Major in Basra and the Dutch General who was commanding a Multi national Division in Afghanistan made it very interesting.

My thoughts on it: Extremely rewarding, let me see exactly where UK reserve forces sat in comparison to other countries. Hard work as it tended to be UK or Canadians doing all the work (Basically being Fluent in English and having a sophisticated Officer Training Regime, meant we were better placed to complete the Staff Work).

This is the sort of trip that makes a YO stand out and I will be encouraging all YOs that I come into contact with to apply to go!

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