Ukrainians Seize Yalta Lighthouse

From MosNews.

"Ukrainian authorities have unlawfully seized control over the Yalta lighthouse, which is the control centre for the Black Sea Fleet’s hydrographic service, an official told the Interfax news agency on Friday."

The Ukrainians have apparently made earlier hints that they intended to take this course:

"Earlier this month, the Black Sea Fleet said in a statement that the fleet command “does not intend to allow sites belonging to the fleet to be damaged”. The statement was made in connection with an attempt by unknown people to infiltrate the Yalta lighthouse on Jan. 6, the Itar-Tass news agency reported."

"Ukraine Seizes Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Control Center" 13 January 2006
I have heard offcial statement made by Russian MoD. There is a signed agreement between Russia and Ukraine and the Lighthouse in Yalta was mentioned in Appendix N2 p.15 (as I remember). It is leased by Russian Navy until 2017.

A local court in Crimea ruled that a control over the Lighthouse should be transferred to Ukrainian coastal service. The conflict itself is insignificant. Some political circles in Ukraine need it because of approaching elections in the parliament.

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