Ukrainian Soldiers

Came across this Picture Last week - The Ukrainian Army
I Posted it on another thread but it was 'lost' on them as they were all having a deep discussion on The Ukranians joining the EEC 8O

Anyway... say what you like.. if they want to join.. I say let 'em :D


The lucky smegger with the camera needs to angle up a bit......

Crikey, puts our lasses to shame
WilieCayote said:
What do you suppose their role in Nato would be? 8)
Morale officer?
WilieCayote said:
Have you noticed there's not one 'Fat bint' among any of 'em?

What do you suppose their role in Nato would be? 8)
general staff clerk/typists obviously. :D
Obviously this is the Exotic Dancer Brigade.

all long hair, tight butts in miniskirts, shapely legs and high heels..not a blimp among them...definitely a ' show' unit....
used to bring down the morale of the enemy, throw them off their concentration and leave them drooling in their shellscrapes...
Where are their fat AGC birds? Their Squadettes arrses? Their mingers?

Surely we haven't been lied to all this time!

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