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Ukrainian Recruitment Army Ad? (Video)

You'll be fairly f-ed off when you sign up and find out it's more like this


Not a model girl in sight you'll notice.

As a Russian chap I worked worked with a few years ago said, "when I servic-ed in Russian army I have sergeants like a dogs - when I am sergeant I am like a dogs" :)

He'd then tell us some hair-raising stories about training with Spetznatz troops which sounded more like the Spetznatz trained ON them with this guy getting a fractured skull and broken ribs in the process.
Wonder if I'll get my own BTR if I sign up.

Saweet! Chicks dig BTR's.


Book Reviewer
Ahh, THATS where our recruiters are going wrong...

I will do it if i have Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder, Sophie Howard and of course, my wife, chase after me.

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