Ukraine v England WC qualifier - Internet only

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by skintboymike, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Sorry if it's been done before but the search engine didn't find anything. I just wondered what the general consensus was on this match not being available on terrestrial or satellite TV.

    My opinion is that it is definitely the way forward, but it's a bit too early to adopt this platform exclusively. The traditional way to access the internet for most people (me included) is via a desktop PC with a 17" - 21" screen, which isn't the ideal way to watch footy.

    Cost is also an issue - why should people who pay for a TV license and a Sky subscription (with full Sky Sports package) have to fork out yet more cash to watch their national team? Those who screen this match will no doubt show a constant barrage of adverts throughout - in the future I'd like to see this either eradicated completely, or used to subsidise the cost of the match. (Obviously this point is moot if they don't show any adverts at all during the match, but I'm not holding my breath.)

    Also, pubs can't show it - If this isn't a reason to bin the whole idea, I don't know what is.

  2. I heard about this on my way to work.

    Can't believe that none of the comercial TV companies thought that they could make enough advertising revenue out of an England qualifying game so they let it go to waste. And as for the BBCs 'Public Service Broadcaster' status, what a load of bollox. I have to suffer all of the crap that Mrs B watches on there such as 'Strictly Bore The Shite Out of Me', but they couldn't spend a few quid of 'Our' money to televise a world cup qualifying match.

    Chuffed to fcuk that I wasted my time and money signing up to the full Sky HD package with ESPN. :x

    Cnuts, the lot of them, especially that twat Peter Silverstone.

    Sneaked the prices out and made it sound like it was only going to be £4.99 to watch it on the net and then this is the true cost......
  3. Well thank the Lord for that... The boss in my local has to pay out about a grand per month for his (pub) satellite subscription... Then a load of ppl invade to watch the football, shout and scream everytime some overpaid plonker does/does not do something buy one pint each then leave 90 minutes later.

    FFS We can't even play dominoes in peace !!!

    Ooops - spelling
  4. If your local are already paying a grand or so for a satellite subscription then they're probably miffed about this to say the least.
  5. Still £4.98 over priced