Ukraine To Sell Military on E-Bay??

seems that the Ukraine is set to auction off military hardware on the Internet...U's Defence ministry plans to launch a website next week where prospective buyers can browse through hundreds of ' products ' from tanks APC's to trucks, tarps, tents, and field kitchens...

" Any weapons could be for sale without any restrictions " says an aide to the deputy defence minister..All this in order to offer ' transparency ' and openness and accountability to counteract the slight ' problem ' they had last time when they sold missiles to Iran and China...

anyway.. bidding is open to any and all with the concept that open bidding makes it better to control who gets the stuff and to fight corruption..stuff falling into the wrong hands will be ' reduced '..

one caution.. the lists of what's up for grabs will be posted but the actual 'selling ' will be conducted off-line so the public still won't know who's buying or who a broker might represent.....Participants have to agree to restrict their exports to ' states of concern ' and to avoid ' destabilizing ' deliveries.. so its all right then...

Anyone up for a crack at an ARRSE brigade? might be some good deals on battle tanks, combat vehicles, attack helicopters, warships!!...can think of a couple of places to park a nice anti-aircraft battery...
Can just image driving to work in a zsu 32!!

i might get a few funny looks though!!
thought most of it was for sale any where just appraoch any ukiranian squaddie with acces to stores armoury of vech park with some dollars and you can have your pick
What about aircraft? If I manage to get my PPL a Flanker or something else tough and Russian would be nice, be an interesting variation on the ubiquitous Cessnas.
Canada could use a few Tanks couldn't it Rocket? Especially the Militia. Maybe some wealthy HCols will get together and buy some, like those Ferrets for the Windsors

I wouldn't mind a Tank. The neighbours would love it :lol:

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