Ukraine to join Nato

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ghost_us, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Be interesting to see how Russia responds to this. They've been quite uppity since getting their "oil price muscles". If Ukraine joins nato, that has to be a concern for Russia as I'm sure others will want to follow suit.

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  2. oldbaldy

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  3. They've got oil. The US will square the rest away.
  4. Russia is going to be pissed!
  5. What the Germans?... And the French?
  6. Russia could just bite the bullet and join herself,she may as well considering a vast swathe of ex Pact nations already have.
  7. Didn't Stalin or Kruschev try that one? (Largely as a p1ss take)
  8. Yes I think someone did. I think it was mainly because everyone was saying "NATO isnt there just to defend again the Soviet Union, its for lots of things"

    So the Soviets called our bluff lol
  9. Do you think they would make it? Seeing as how naughty they've been lately?
  10. Ord_Sgt

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    If Russia is no threat to Ukraine then why would their joining NATO bother them? Or is Russia pi$$ed they won't then be able to bully their nieghbours any more. :roll:
  11. There is however a little problem with Ukraine's membership in NATO. Strong majority of Ukrainians don't want to join.
  12. When is Russia NOT pissed? Lets face it, it doesn't take a Stella for them to get going!
  13. And the majority of Ukrainians wanted to join the WP did they? :wink:
  14. Thats the trouble - we just can't understand Eastern Europeans :wink: