Ukraine - Kyiv/Odessa?

Have been both places, know some folk locally. What do you need?


Just had a crazy idea, and wondering how practical finding work there is? Would there be a possibility of working as a security contractor over there? How friendly are employers to foreigners in general?
Security work is increasingly on-shored, so expats get local packages, not that attractive. Plus, the murky world of post-Soviet security work in the FSU can be very confusing and alarming if you don't speak the lingo and have the right contacts. If you absolutely, positively have to work in either place, get a Western employer to sponsor you, go on expat status and keep the eyes and ears open until you understand what's happening around you. Russian and Ukrainian skills an undoubted asset.

That said, Kiyiv is wonderful, a real party town and the people are delightful. Just don't expect things to work in any way with which you're familiar (unless you've spent some time in Nigeria).

Deleted 20555

Basically it's like Africa with white people who have an enormous chip on their shoulder.
Deleted 20555: what a pile of shite. The Ukrainians are nothing like the Scots.

GIAO is reasonably close to the mark, but doing business there is quite easy...

...getting money legally out of the country without paying significant tax can be difficult. We've had an office in Kiev since 2003 (I was last there just over a week ago) and it is making bags of cash and the local economy is developing very well.

If you don't speak Russian you are buggered. The old clichés about the mafia controlling everything are outdated: I know some Finns and a few Jocks who own bars/restaurants, clothes shops and supermarkets who have had no problems. As for hiring expats, unless you are bringing something unique to the table then neither multinational nor local employers will be interested.

Local salaries are extremely low: to join the top "1%" all you need is a salary of USD 25k, however Kiev is not that cheap a place to live, especially for an expat.

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